Friday, August 4, 2017

Better Late Than Never

As I was dozing in front of the all night news, somewhere in my half conscious mind I heard the announcer say something about it being early Friday morning. As it slowly registered my eyes flipped open and I realized I hadn’t written my blog.

I’m going to blame it on the weather. I came back from Chicago into weather that almost out Chicagoed Chicago. The L.A. area is usually dry in the summer, but sometimes we get what they call monsoon moisture. The weather backs in from Arizona and is hot, humid and horrible. Spotty rain and thunderstorms come along with it. Instead of our cool nights, even the evenings are steamy.

The days this past week felt like they were stuck together as I went back and forth with my web guy to update my website. I did remember that Tuesday was the release day of A TANGLED YARN, but then my time sense fell apart. I felt languid, like I should be sitting sipping ice tea and fanning myself with a paper fan. The trip to get my bookmarks turned into an all afternoon into evening event. It began with lunch with my son and his son who has begun to eat is first real food. After a few bites of my scrambled eggs, Jakey fell asleep in my arms. He continued to sleep on our journey across the Valley to the printers, but on the way back was awake and cranky and I became his back seat ride attendant. Amusing him and giving him a bottle and we endured the traffic on the way back.

And then it was off to coffee with my husband added to the crew before hitting Costco. What a production. We had our own little parade of two carts, with us taking turns who pushed Jakey in his stroller taking up the rear.

We left Costco as they were closing.

It should have sunk in that it was Thursday. I got together with my knit and crochet group. But somehow when I got home, my time mind apparently shut off. Well, until the middle of the night. It nagged at me for a few minutes and then I decided it could wait until the morning.

The weather is supposed to be drier today. I haven’t checked the sky enough to see if those tall white clouds are hanging by the mountain still. They look like whipped cream that has been whipped too much and usually have sort of pinkish cast which seems kind of eerie.

I definitely know it is Friday and time to catch up all those loose ends from the week. I need to get a new picture for my new publisher. There are the notes on the next Yarn Retreat mystery, I need to flesh out. I hope to stop by some bookstore and sign their stock and leave bookmarks.

Well, better late than never.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Well, you did get your Friday blog posted on Friday despite everything else going on. So, congrats! And also congrats on the release of A TANGLED YARN. I hope you keep cool in this hot, humid L.A. weather.

Linda Osborn said...

A TANGLED YARN arrived a day late--shame on Amazon--but somehow they tried to make up for it. Someone packed 4 books in the box instead of one. I was not charged for the extras, so I did send them back for others to enjoy! I am about 1/2 way through right now, this horrible weather has slowed me to a blob ! Linda O.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, it got worse after I posted it. I couldn't get online and couldn't tell if it was our Internet connection, the wireless thing on my computer or the computer itself. After an hour and a half. I figured out it was the wireless adapter on my computer. I just got a new one and will install tomorrow. In the meantime I figured out a temporary fix.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, it's good reading weather. Anything where you don't have to move much.