Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lost in the Land of Reorganizing and Purging

Oops. I totally spaced last week and forgot to post. We are in the middle of downsizing, and potentially selling, our home. I hadn't realized how much stuff, especially crafting items, I had accumulated until I started moving items from downstairs to upstairs. Nor did I know the amount of stuffed critters residing with us until I wrangled them into one area of the house. Goodness, we have quite the zoo.

The mission for my crafting supplies is to get them to where they will fit inside a closet (that is rather large, I'm really horrible at estimating spaces)  rather than a craft space that is the size of an average living room. I know when we move I won't have as large of an area, so I'm letting go of crafting items on. (A crop I'm attending next month also has a craft yard sale so it'd be good to have the project completed before the sale.) It's hard to admit that there are some items I bought that I won't be using. I want to keep them as I'm sure I'll use them someday. It's easier to cling to that mindset when I have a large space to store everything in, but now that my crafting space will join my office, it's time to take the purging a little more seriously.

I am so not looking forward to when I move on to books...the other category I'll struggle with paring down. As  Juliet said, parting is such sweet sorrow.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

As one highly disorganized person, I admire you for your downsizing. Good luck with it!