Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Disasters and How To Use Them

            I wrote most of this blog for my post on Writerspace this week, and it means enough to me that I'm revising it a bit but also using it here on Killer Hobbies.
            The thing is, I am a writer and tend to use lots of what affects me in life as inspiration or ideas.  But not this... 
            Here's my post:

            I'm a writer.  Everything I see and do can provide an idea for something to write, or to include in a story that I'm already writing.
            And maybe that will be the case with all of the horrible disasters that have been occurring across the country recently.
            But I'm mostly so, so sympathetic to those who are having to deal with the hurricanes and their aftermath.  I'm sympathetic to those who are having to deal with wildfires in their neighborhoods and what they're doing to their lives.
            I feel sorry for the people in Mexico who've had to deal with earthquakes.
            In all, I feel terrible for the people and their losses.
            And of course I feel sorry for the animals involved.  I have been watching for stories of how people who have to evacuate and find someplace to stay have found ways to bring their pets.  I've seen stories where many animal welfare groups take in some of those pets who can't accompany their people and find ways to keep them safe and alive until their humans can find them and bring them back into their lives.  I've seen stories of how people have turned their homes into shelters for animals including horses.
            I've also seen stories of animal cruelty, where the pets who are saved were tethered outside in areas where they were likely to die as a hurricane went through--but some good guys found and saved them.
            I watch for stories about how zoos and wildlife rescue organizations find ways to help the animals they care for get through these difficult situations and survive.
            And I watch for stories about the wildlife that didn't survive.  Though I don't see many stories like that, I feel sad every day to think of how many animals don't find a way to get out of the affected areas and remain alive.  But I have seen how some deer and a manatee have been saved, and some dolphins, too.
            So to get back to the title of this post--disasters and how to use them.  My conclusion is that I can't--not unless I create something in which I can really use my imagination and find ways not only to save my characters and their belongings, but their pets, too, and all other animals in those terribly affected areas. 
            For now, though, I'll just continue to write the way I usually do.  And worry.  And feel sad.

            My very best wishes to everyone reading this who's been affected, or had family members affected, by these terrible situations.

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Betty Hechtman said...

I understand what you are saying and agree. You don't want to use others' misery as inspiration unless it can somehow do some good.