Tracy Weber (Thursday)


I grew up on a dairy farm in Montana and spent my childhood surrounded by dogs, cats, cows, and a variety of other animals too numerous to mention. At age eighteen, I left the farm and temporarily moved to Seattle for college. Three decades later, I’m still here.

In 2000, I celebrated the new millennium by leaving my management position at Microsoft to pursue a career teaching yoga. My friends and co-workers thought I’d gone crazy, and they were probably right.  ;-)  Nonetheless, I became a certified yoga therapist and opened my studio, Whole Life Yoga, in 2001. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to teach thousands of students and certify over 200 yoga teachers.

Writing is my newest passion.

I’ve loved reading mysteries since the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys days of my youth, but I never considered writing one. Then, on one seemingly average day, yoga teacher Kate and her German shepherd Bella appeared in my head, insisting that I tell their story. Even as I wrote that first novel, the plot of the second began forming. Then the third. Kate and Bella have permanently taken root in my heart. I hope you adore them as much as I do.

My husband Marc and I live with our own challenging yet amazing German shepherd Tasha. When I’m not writing, I spend my time teaching yoga, walking Tasha, and sipping Blackthorn cider at my favorite local ale house.

Writing about yoga, dogs, and murder. What could be more fun?

I love hearing from readers!  Visit me anytime at, e-mail me at, and friend me on Facebook I blog every Thursday here on Killer Hobbies! 

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