Friday, July 20, 2018

A Little Bit of This and That

I’m still having Internet issues. I though it was the signal to one computer, but had the same problem with my laptop. It’s frustrating because it’s intermittent and hard to tell if the source is the modem or the line in. It honestly seems like a tease. The signal will be fine and then I’ll try to go online and it goes off. Maybe it’s the heat. A million years ago, I worked at an O operator and they kept the office icy cold for the equipment. I used to carry a heavy sweater to work in the middle of the summer.

I could also look at it as the spirits telling me not to waste time reading stupid stories online. The headlines are always a tease and the stories rarely deliver.

I am close to finishing INHERIT THE WOOL. It feels like I’ve been working on it forever as there was one interruption after another. There was even one this week. I got back the second pass pages of HOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. It is my final, final chance to make any corrections or minor changes. I was given a week or so to do it in, but because of the INHERIT THE WOOL and stuff I have to do for the family business, I decided to tough it out and do it all in one day.

I found nine things that needed to be changed. My other publisher didn’t send second pass pages -- just first pass pages. At first they sent me a hard copy and there were assorted way I returned the corrections, but now it’s all on the screen and I send the corrections as a Word document. Reading all that in one day on a screen was a challenge. I heard somewhere that you don’t blink as much when you read on a screen and you get eye strain and your eyes dry out. I did feel all in when I finished, but also glad that it was off my plate.

I am looking ahead to my trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin for Writer’s Police Academy. Today I found out that I got in the finger print lifting class and the defense and arrest tactics. I have gone numerous times in the past and always learn some interesting things. I particularly like getting to know the personalities behind the badges.

The last time I went, the hotel was at an Indian Casino and removed from everything. This time the hotel is in downtown Green Bay which should be more interesting. Maybe I’ll actually see Green Bay this time.

I like going everywhere.   Yay, I posted this without getting kicked offline once!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Crop Check List

It's almost time for the Robin's Scrap Next crop (Disney theme!) and I'm anxious...but not ready to go. I have a lot to get done since I'm attending as a scrapbooker and a vendor. As this event is four and half hours away, I can't just head back home to get something I forgot so I spent the morning tweaking my crop packing list before printing it out. It's easier for me to separate everything into categories as some items can be packed early, while others not until the morning I leave.

Some items might seem a given, but I have left them in the past so I added them to list. I have found nothing is easier to forget than an item I believe is "unforgettable."


Clothes for 4 days – Disney shirts, shorts, leggings
Costume (there's a character dress-up night)
Sweater (venue can get cold)

Book Selling Related:
            Square Reader

Charging Cords
Car Charger

Cricut or Cameo 
Extra Blades
Flash Drive with SVG files

            Extension Cord
            Power Strip
Small table
Chair Cushion
Cup Holder
            Cup with Lid
Ear Buds

Pictures (yes, have left pics at home, fortunately it was only a 12-hour crop)
Adhesive – Tape and Liquid Glue
Foam Dots
Fine Tip Scissors
Small Paper Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Kiwi Lane Templates
Title Templates
Mechanical Pencil with eraser
Disney Paper Case
Vacation Paper Case
Cardstock Paper Case
Page Protectors
Colored Pencils
Stamp Pads
Disney and Vacation Stamps
Scrap N’ Easel
Idea Books (Disney and Kiwi Lane)
Post-it Notes 

Die Cutting:

            Paper Scraps
            Pokey Tool
            Cricut Pens
            Chalk/Chalking Tool
White Gel Pens 


            Diet Coke
            Bottled Water
            Cheese and nuts snack packs
Small Cooler

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Not Much to Say

I've discussed for the last couple of weeks that I'm going to the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Denver.  My attendance there starts today.

I've been to a lot of RWA conferences and always enjoy them, so I expect this one will e fun, too.

I'll miss my husband and my dogs, but this is actually a good time to be gone since we're having a lot of work done on the paving around our house, and it's very loud and disruptive in other ways.  

So... otherwise, I haven't a lot to say now.  More to come next week!

Friday, July 13, 2018

To the 60s and Back

It is no longer 115 degrees here. Now it’s just in the 90s with unusual humidity. So any way you look at it, it’s still uncomfortable. I have been dragging all afternoon, feeling sapped of energy. I wondered what I’d write about this week and then between stuff I called up on my phone and dealing with my computer later, the subject presented itself.

While I was lolling on the couch trying to re-energize myself, I played with my phone. Something I usually don’t do. I guess it started with an ad I saw in the paper for a show that featured some groups and individuals from the 60s performing at the Orange Country Fair over the summer. It stirred up nostalgia in me and I started Goggling Gary Puckett (he’s one of the performers in that show). I was just curious what he looked like. Well I ended up watching a YouTube performance from the 60s when he was in a band called the Union Gap. I chuckled at their outfits which I suppose were suppose to look like Union uniforms from the Civil War.

The music took me back to the 60s. It was like the way a fragrance trigger’s memories and emotions. I marveled at the wonder of my phone as I found another YouTube video of a favorite song. The duo was Chad & Jeremy and it’s called A Summer Song. Even all these years later that song gets to me. It took me right back to my room and all that was going on in my life then. I was absolutely back being that me.

But the song ended and it was back to here and now. It was also the end of the upside of dealing with computers and the Internet. My desktop computer turned itself off and back on during the night. I assume Windows sent some command to it that made it do it. When I went to it this morning, the file I had open was now closed and there was a window in the middle of the screen telling me that Goggle drive would no long sync and I had to download something. I’ve seen that window before and just wanted to close it. But the red box with the x didn’t work. Worse, the box stayed on top of anything else I tried to do like work on my manuscript. I had to leave this morning and thought it would go away during the day. It didn’t. Finally, my only choice was to shut down and restart my computer. Only the window was back. At last, I figured out a way to close it. If you’re interested, I went to the icon on the bottom of the screen and it gave me an option to close it.

I was left with time wasted and my frustration level up. But it only got worse. I don’t know if it is because of the end of net neutrality or something with my Internet connection but it started to tease me. I would see that I was connected and try to do something online. And then the connection would be lost. And then it came back and was lost again. More time wasted and frustration level going up. All the poignant nostalgic feelings from the Chad & Jeremy song were blotted out . The irony is that I was trying to access a meditation session.