Friday, August 18, 2017

Double Duty

Time is going by at a dizzying rate. I am working on the edits for ON THE HOOK. It is the first time I’m working with this editor and I have to say her comments were right on. But even though I agree with them, making the changes is always hard. Every change affects the rest of the manuscript. It is tricky to catch all the spots that need altering.

So far I have been going through a hard copy. I always intend to just read it, but I can never keep myself from writing notes on the pages saying how I want to change things. At least when I start working on the computer I should have a better idea what I want write.

I have other work for our business with a deadline closing in. I have been trying to go back and forth between the tasks, which has left me little time to do anything else. Even my crocheting is working on the project for the book.

On one hand I long to be done with feeling anxious if I’m not working on my manuscript or the work task, but at the same time I am excited at the challenge of working to the end of both of them.

I was shocked to realize that the summer is almost over and that the kids have already gone back to school. The Halloween candy is out at Costco and any day they’ll start adding the Christmas stuff.

I am starting to get that anxious feeling that my other tasks are not getting worked on while I’m writing this. So, I guess that’s it for now.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Final Proof

I'm at the final read through, the proofing stage, of Altered to Death, the sixth book in the Scrap This Mystery Series. This is the part of the process that I love...the book is soon to be done done and it's time to fully move on to another project, and it's the part I fear the most because the book is capital D O N E and I have no more good reasons not to settle on the next writing project. I have also seen (and fallen in love) with the cover, the picture of my story, and can't wait until it's time to share it with readers.

This is also my last opportunity to catch any typos and errors before they are set in stone, so to speak. For proofing, I read it on the Kindle from front to back, noting any mistakes. Next, I set the book aside for a week then print it out and do another pass where I read the book aloud from the last page to the first page. 

The last-to-first page is where I'm currently at. It takes me a little longer for this last pass as I pause whenever I find my attention wandering and I set the book aside. I want to make sure the task has my full attention. And right now, the rest of my life is a little topsy turvy so the process is taking me a little longer. (My youngest moved out on Tuesday and there was a lot to do to help him get ready for his next stage of life...and then we're facing a surprise bathroom remodel as our master bathroom had to be taken down to the studs...a story I shall save for another blog post.)

One of the things I've been enjoying and reading at a slower, and backward, pace is reading the little gems in the book that I forgot I had written. It's nice to see those charm moments as I call them, those words and phrases that silences the voice of doubt that pops up now and again. Even after having soon-to-be fourteen books published, I still have those moments where I wonder if I know what I'm doing...and it's nice to see some proof that yes I do.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Home Again

I was out of town for most of last week, visiting with family.  I did bring a manuscript along that needs to be edited and actually got in a couple of hours of time on it.  But with two grandsons around--ages 4 and 5--plus a family home on a lake to visit, including boat rides, plus a visit to a local arts festival... well, I hadn't anticipated a lot of time to spend on writing, which was a good thing since I didn't.

It was a delightful trip.  Our younger son stayed home with our dogs, so I knew they were in good hands.  And I also got to see my "granddog" so that was enjoyable as well.

But while I was gone I received emails about an upcoming appearance as well as the need to draft a cover blurb and more, and had to wait till my return, when I'd have time to address them.

The appearance?  I'll be talking about writing in multiple genres at the Santa Clarita Romance Writers, a new chapter of the Romance Writers of America, on Saturday, so if you're around be sure to drop in.

And now I'd better dig in to the editing and other things I didn't accomplish this week!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August Marches On

Sunday Ellen and I and two other ladies went to brunch at the Mad Hatters restaurant in Anoka.  It’s in an old mansion (built in 1852), and encourages its patrons to wear hats.  So of course we did.  The rooms are elegant, the food is elegant, four or five kinds of kische, French toast stuffed with pulled pork or two kinds of fruit, eight or ten varieties of tea, sumptuous desserts, all served by pretty waitresses in small, fancy hats and black aprons.  There is a gift shop on the second floor, from which Tanya reported that the hats they sell are beautiful.  Having resolved to buy no more hats (I have fifty!) I resisted the temptation to "just have a look."

Then we drove from there to the State Fairgrounds in Saint Paul where we stood in line in a light rain to turn in our entries in the needlework competition.  I’m pretty sure Tanya will finish in the ribbons, but Becky and I have some hopes, too.  The Fair begins on the 24th; we’re going on the 28th,.   We will find out then if we've won.

Here's a picture of my entry back when it was still in progress: