Thursday, October 11, 2007

Short and Sweet

Since I live on the West Coast, and because I have a so-called temporary part-time law job on weekday mornings, I generally write my blog entries on Wednesday and post them before I go to bed, which means they’re there early Thursday morning East Coast time.

So, as usual, I’m writing this on Wednesday. But life is getting in my way. I didn’t get an opportunity to do any writing yesterday because of a trip to a doctor’s office for an annual physical exam--and although I’ve lived in L.A. a long time, I’ve never seen traffic in that area so heavy. Today, I had to stay late at my morning job, and tonight my critique group is coming over to accommodate my schedule since I can’t meet on our usual night, Thursday, because I’m giving a talk at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood.

As a result, I’m keeping this blog short so I can squeeze in some writing time. That’s a really important thing to me--being able to write. So, hope you all understand: that’s why this is short and not very exciting.

One thing, though: I’ve been missing my older son, who moved to Chicago, but he and his delightful girlfriend have been sticking bookmarks for THE FRIGHT OF THE IGUANA in copies of that new release and the other Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter Mysteries, that they’ve found in bookstores. Great to have promotional assistance other spots in the country!

Okay, now’s my writing time, at last!


3 comments: said...

Linda, I've been so busy this month and feeling very out of sorts. Everyone says, "Oh, you're stressed because of Forensic U." Well, a little, but I realized the bigger stressor was not having time to write MY stuff. Because I'm one of those rare people who really, really loves to write--not just loves having written.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I certainly empathize, Joanna. And I really wish I could have worked out coming to Forensic U, but family things got in the way. It sounds fantastic!


Kathryn Lilley said...

Linda, I'm with you all the way! As I do activities related to DYING TO BE THIN, I'm trying not to panic that the first draft of A KILLER WORKOUT is due Nov. 1st!. (By the way, it was great seeing you at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore near San Diego last Saturday). I also wish I could have gone to Forensic U!