Saturday, October 13, 2007

This and that for fall

Like most series authors, I'm working on three books at once: proofing the galleys and working on my promo for Book 1 (pictured here): creating a new database, setting up launch parties and flyers. I'm wrapping up edits for Book 2; and starting Book 3—manuscript due March 1.

… because no one can write only one kind of book. I'm moving ahead a miniature inch at a time on a nonfiction self-help book, a "mainstream" novel, and a bio-pic.

I blogged on my gender-neutral online class for Golden Gate University in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. It's the only class I have where I'm actually responsible for 16 weeks of homework, term papers, and grades. As opposed to ...

…. where it's mostly adults who have come to writing later in life (like me) and now are ready to get serious. I teach these workshops through community colleges, adult ed programs, and organizations like the California Writers Club and my chapter of Mystery Writers of America. No grades, just a lot of satisfaction.

I work part time as a scientific editor at a large laboratory, which will go nameless for now. I undo all the passives and a tad more.

I'm on the board and Speaker Bureau coordinator for NorCal Sisters in Crime, booking our published members in bookstores, libraries, and other venues. Got a venue for us? Let me know. This fall I'm running a bookfair at a local Barnes & Noble for California Writers Club, on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.

I work on miniatures for gifts and for charity auctions. Also it's time for my niece and me to work on a dollhouse for a school holiday raffle. This week I'm off to my favorite Cooper's Dollhouse Studio in Benicia, California, to pick up a kit or (better) a ready-made dollhouse to prepare for the raffle.

… spending time with my wonderful husband, extended family, and friends.

…. is overrated.

Sometimes I let myself get drawn into an "I'm busier than you" contest with someone complaining about having too much to do … but really these are all my choices and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's my position that unless a person has at least 7, preferably 10, things going at once, he/she is very boring.

Oops, I need another couple of projects.


Sheila Connolly said...

Who was it that said, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person? Sounds like it's working for you.

Love the cover!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...


I agree...that cover is super.

I do believe that the more we have going on in our lives the better we manage when things go awry. Not to mention the fact you sound like a fascinating person!

What's your self-help book about?

Camille Minichino said...

My self-help book is about people for whom the question "How do I look?" is an invitation to troubleshoot.
And on the other end, people who can't commit to a number, as when "how big is it?" gets the answer "it's not small."
I go through the fallacies of logic and how to deal with people who are on both ends of that spectrum, and what happens when they're married!

Deb Baker said...

Great cover and perfect title. I know you have a winner. Sometimes I wish life would slow down, but when it does, I think of something else to add.