Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Twelve Months of Christmas

I'm probably the most impatient person you'll ever meet, or whose blog you'll ever read. So, there's no way I could wait 364 days every year for Christmas. Instead, I have favorite Christmas items that I keep in view all year round.

Miniature houses (of course). Why wrap them, put them away, and then unwrap them again, when Christmas will be back before you know it? This one acts as a night light in a bathroom.

The Rockettes! Couldn't do without them all year. They dance in my window box every day, behind a small Rockefeller Center tree.

Spoon rest. A delicate little Spode plate with a Christmas tree is the perfect size for my counter. Why would I ever put it away?

Ornaments. Many of my ornaments have a permanent place. Here's a picture of Pinocchio, the hero of a story I read in Italian in grammar school, swinging just below my electric pencil sharpener. He reminds me also of a Christmas tradition when I was in high school -- we'd go to the Italian old folks home and sing carols and holiday songs in Italian: Rodolfo dal Naso Rosso .... Not that we needed the practice, since most of us were from bilingual homes.

Above Pinocchio is a NYC taxi ornament that's also there permanently.

Presents. Like most crafters, I make Christmas presents all year. (Hey, who messed up my crafts table? It's always so NEAT!)

Donations. A favorite tradition is donating a dollhouse to a holiday raffle at a local school. All year I put aside items that will end up in the house. This year's house was featured in my blog a couple of weeks ago.


Do you have any Christmas items that are a part of your year-round decor or do you make a clean sweep of all the red and green when the new year dawns?


Betty Hechtman said...

I have a Christmas elf as a permanent greeter near my front door.

I loved your rockettes. How fun!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

I found a small stuffed Santa from the UK in my top desk drawer. I'd meant to fix his foot--my dog chewed it--but now he's on the tree, and I think he'll go back in my drawer as a reminder to keep Christmas in my heart all year. Thanks for the great post.