Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Poor Forsaken Me

A very sweet epitaph:
Here lieth entombed the body of
Abigail, wife of Mr. George Wanton,
Who died May 12, 1726, in the 28th
Year of her age, having left five pledges
Of her love.*

If tears alas could speak a husband’s woe
My verse would streight in plaintif numbers blow;
Or if so great a loss deplored in vain
Could solace so my throbbing heart from pain
Then would I, oh sad consolation, chuse
To sooth my cureless grief a private muse;
But since thy well known piety demands
A publick monument at thy George’s hands
O Abigail I dedicate this tomb to thee
Thou dearest half of poor forsaken me.

*She bore him five children, in a era when childbirth was an immensely dangerous undertaking.

I think this winter is really getting to me.  I am so down in the dumps it would take a major excavation to dig me out.  One of my sisters lives in Florida and wants me to visit.  I’d love to, but I know I wouldn’t get much, if any, writing done down there, and I have a book due April 14 – and miles to go before I sleep, miles to go . . .

The title of this next Betsy Devonshire mystery is The Needle Case – or so I thought.  My editor and agent don’t like it.  My agent thinks the word needle might make people think it’s a drug-addict story (even though my books state clearly on the covers that this is a needlework mystery with a free pattern in the back).  My editor thinks the title is weak and that people don’t know what a needle case is – though every needleworker I’ve ever met knows what one is – and one suggestion for an alternate title is The Thread Case, and there’s no such object.  I think we’re circling in on Killer Crochet, which I don’t like as much as The Needle Case.

Why is this so hard?


Carrie said...

Killer Crochet sounds like one of Betty's books... You already have Sins and Needles, The Needle Case fits right in-and I have nothing better to offer. Maybe I'll ask my stitch group tomorrow night. Hang in there, the sun has to come out sometime! :)

Christine Thresh said...

I like the needle case.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sometimes coming up with the right title seems as challenging as writing the book, Monica!

Monica Ferris said...

In this case, that's absolutely true, Linda! We've gone a round or two before - the last one was Blackwork - but nothing like this. Personally, I like The Crotchety Woman, but neither editor or agent liked that one. . . . sigh . . .

Betty Hechtman said...

Monica, I have started sending a bunch of suggested titles with my manuscripts. I thought Needle Case was a good choice.

I can certainly undersand how the winter weather has gotten you down. I had forgotten how much of a challenge it is to go out in winter weather. A week in Chicago brought it all back to me. I hope spring comes soon for you.

Monica Ferris said...

That's a good idea, Betty! Instead of picking just one title, maybe I should submit several and let my editor pick from among them.

Dee W said...

Hi Monica, on the Needlepointer.com blog today, they have Secret Boxes. They can be used for your needles, threader, etc. Maybe an option? Loved the Drowning Spool - bought it and read it right away. Long winter, needed an escape.

Dee W said...

The Needlepointer.com has Secret Boxes on their site today. Holds needles, threaders, etc. Maybe an option. Loved Drowning Spool, bought it, read it right away, the winter is dragging on in Iowa also. +

Monica Ferris said...

I should take a look - but I don't think it's a common needlework term; I know I've never heard it before.

So glad you liked Drowning Spool!