Thursday, May 25, 2017

Travel Journal

One of the items I like to do before a vacation is pick out (or make) a travel journal. Usually, I don't get around to completing a scrapbook of the trip until a few months (or years) later and some of the moments and details slip my mind. When my husband and I went on a cruise for our anniversary, I brought a large journal as I was going to write in it each night. For this year's vacation, we're going to Disneyland, spend some time exploring Los Angeles, and a week in San Diego.

I decided it would be better to have a smaller book that I could carry with me so I found a little notebook in a drawer and altered it for our travel journal.


Some of our days are planned, like our Disneyland days as we're going to be staying at one of the resorts, but the other days will decide once we are there. We know some of the activities we'd like to do, but haven't set the day. For the days that our scheduled, I decorated the pages a bit to go with the theme of the activity.

If the day doesn't have a specific activity assigned to it, I added a generic decoration or left a space blank that I can fill in later with either a piece of memorabilia from the trip (I'll bring a small tape roll with me) or for me to stamp an image later. There are three blank pages between the days so I have plenty of space to write down brief notes of our activities and what we saw. Keeping a little notebook with me, helps me recreate the trip when I start working on our vacation album.

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