Saturday, June 2, 2007

Meet Sunny Frazier

By Sunny Frazier

It was September, 1971, El Monte, California. I was working as a Ma Bell operator, bored out of my skull, when I peered into the dusty window of an old bookstore. A book was calling out to me: Astrology for the Aquarian Age, by Alexandra Mark. I was only earning $100 a week, so even a $15 book was a luxury.
I went into the store and asked to see the book. The dealer said, “Are you an astrologer?” Somehow, I knew I was.
This scene and much of how and why I do astrology is explained within the context of my mystery novel, Fools Rush In. Christy Bristol, my protagonist, is a very conflicted astrologer, a little shy about telling people of her hobby because she also works in law enforcement. Oh, did I mention that I left the telephone company and, after a stint in the Navy, got on with the Fresno County Sheriff's Department as an undercover narcotics secretary?
After doing horoscopes on and off over the past 36 years, for pay and pro bono, I've learned a lot about human nature and myself. Even though many people scoff at what I do, curiosity is difficult to control. Who doesn't want to know what the future holds? It's my firm belief that the ancient practice of astrology has a practical application in today's world.
Simplified, a horoscope is a mix of planets, signs and houses. There are 12 houses, each assigned a sign based on where the planets are at the time of a persons birth, date of birth, and location. Each house represents an element of a person's life: ego, childhood, money, love, career, etc. Every planet and sign has both positive and negative values.
The birth chart, or my term, Natalscope, is a valuable tool in several ways. In my view, it is very much like psychology. In a child's chart, it can help a parent encourage the child from birth to use the best qualities of their personality and be aware of the negative qualities present to circumvent those traits from taking over. In a young adult's chart, it helps to be aware of repeated negative behavior and turn negative behavior into positive actions. In mature adults, it can provide introspection, although often too late to alter the course of their life's path.
My Futurescopes are based on the location of the planets on the natal horoscope wheel for the current day the horoscope is cast. The database for all astrological equations is provided by NASA through a book called the ephemeris. The Futurescope is superimposed on the Natalscope and through the relationship of the two scopes, the future is read. All this means is that it becomes apparent to the astrologer which houses the planets are headed for and when they will arrive. It answers questions such as “When will I get money,” and “When will I find love.” It is also important to see how current planetary movement affects the stable natal planets. Trines, squares, oppositions and conjunctions add extra information on the future.
I'm very brave about forecasting the future. I can forecast up to the year 2050, which is where my ephemeris ends. These are the NASA calculations for planetary movement. The tricky part is interpreting what the horoscope is trying to reveal. Accuracy greatly depends on the abilities of the individual casting the chart. I demonstrate this in my novel as Christy is forced to cast a horoscope on a drug dealer, yet cannot interpret her own chart.
At the end of the book, I provided a form for readers to send in to have a horoscope cast. I also do a free drawing once a month via my website So far, I've touched many lives and it feels pretty good. It also gives me material for the next books.
I believe astrology is a tool to be used intelligently as a guide through life, a reassurance that things will change. We all contain a universe within us. Astrology is the recognition of the relationship between man and the universe in the most basic way.


Pam Skochinski said...

Thanks for sharing this part of you! It's interesting to find out what things inspire writers. . .

Linda O. Johnston said...

How cool, to be able to determine not only who your mystery characters are, but also why they got that way astrologically!


Camille Minichino said...

I'm imagining a conference panel where we discuss the different ways sleuths in crime fiction use their powers. Some of us use western science, some astrology ...
What others methods are out there? I'm interested in where people see themselves on this spectrum.
Thanks for opening this discussion, Sunny.


Joanna Campbell Slan said...


So nice to meet you! I hope you return as a guest.

I'm on the cusp between Gemini and Cancer. Whoa, doggies, there are 3 people inside me sometimes going THREE different ways!

Thanks for stopping by.