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Natural Remedies for Bug Bites and Bee Stings

It's summer and that means outdoor living. It also means more bug bites which result in itchy welts that you shouldn't scratch, even though you really want to and painful bee stings. This happens because the saliva injected by a mosquito, bee or ant causes a histamine response. Here’s how to prevent bites and treat them too:

Preventing Bug Bites

Herbal Relief
To ward away insects, try this Herbal Insect Repellent
2 ounces almond or sunflower oil
5 drops essential oil of eucalyptus
5 drops essential oil of lavender
5 drops essential oil of tea tree
5 drops essential oil of citronella
5 drops essential oil of rosemary
Mix together and apply liberally, avoiding the eyes and mucus membranes.

Insect-Free Herbs
Consider diffusing essential oils of citronella, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, and rosemary and tea tree to ward away bugs. You can also make a spray with water and a few drops of the oil to use as a room spray. You can also hang a bouquet of dried tomato plant leaves in the room.

Taking 3 or 4 garlic capsules a day will make you an unappetizing host. One hundred milligrams (50 for kids) of Vitamin B complex taken orally creates a smell that many bugs don't like. Taking homeopathic staphysagria, also may prevent you being bitten.

Essential oils such as cedarwood, citronella, lavender and tea tree can be applied topically to pulse points such as the wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears every hour or so. Include aromatic plants such as artemesia, lavender or rosemary in your garden. You can rub them on your body to prevent bites!

Warding off Insects in the Great Outdoors
When heading out, tuck in your hair and shirts and socks. The best colors to wear are white, tan and light green. Avoid floral prints, loose clothing, the color blue (the preferred color of mosquitoes), hair spray, perfumes, sandals and shiny jewelry.

Insects are attracted to people that eat lots of bananas, so curb your intake. Alcohol consumption causes blood vessel dilation, thus making you more desirable for mosquitoes.

Treating Bug Bites

For Mosquito Bites

Wash the area bitten and apply three to five drops essential oil of lavender or some apple cider vinegar. Apply ice. Helpful things to apply topically include mud, plantain leaf poultice, witch hazel, lemon juice, moistened vitamin C powder and apple cider vinegar. Essential oils that may be applied directly to a bite include peppermint oil, lavender and tea tree.

For Ant Bites
You can treat ant bites topically with apple cider vinegar (or a paste of baking soda and apple cider vinegar), green clay, cucumber juice (or just rub a slice of cucumber over the area) or essential oil of lavender. All of these will help neutralize any venom and dry up the itching and stinging chemicals left by the bugs.

For Black Flies

Apply tea tree oil, lavender essential oil or witch hazel to bites, simply by dabbing a few drops from the bottle with your fingers. You can also apply a paste of powdered charcoal. Just open a capsule or two, mix with enough water or apple cider vinegar to get it to stick.

For Caterpillar/Centipede bites

Brush off a caterpillar or centipede in the direction they are traveling or irritating hairs may remain in your skin. Apply essential oil of lavender to the bite as needed. Use Echinacea tincture can be used topically and internally. Repeat these treatments three or four times daily, until you have relief.

Try This Cure From Grandma’s Kitchen:

If you've been bitten, soak in a bathtub with 1-cup apple cider vinegar or 1 pound baking soda (Use half as much for children.) Or try 1 gallon tea of peppermint tea or 1/2 cup of sea salt.

For Bee Stings

Remove the stinger by dragging the edge of your fingernail or a credit card across it. Wash the area with soap and water. Make a paste by adding enough water or vinegar to meat tenderizer, which is made from papain, the enzyme derived from papaya. This helps break down the inflammatory properties of the venom. Baking soda mixed with water and applied directly to the stung also gives relief.

Take a dropperful of Echinacea several times during the day to reduce swelling. Bromelain (an enzyme derived from pineapple) and quercitin (a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory activity), 100 mg every 4 hours will also help reduce inflammation. Homeopathic Apis is ideal for bee stings and insects that sting, causing swelling. Take 4 pellets under the tongue 4 times a day. If you have some vitamin C handy, take about 1,000 mg to reduce swelling. If you are allergic to bee stings, you must carry an emergency kit with you or get medical attention immediately.

When to See Your MD

For some, insect bites have the potential to be dangerous. Watch for skin flushing, severe coughing, wheezing, anxiety, blurred vision and vomiting. Rush the person to the nearest emergency room if they having any of these symptoms.

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