Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Class

In addition to everything else I'm doing right now, I've just started teaching an online class for the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America, although there are plenty of non-OCC members in the class, too. 

The class is Kiss Me or Kill Me: Writing Cozy Mysteries 101 for Romance Writers.  This is actually my second time presenting it.

The class runs from June 15 through July 12, and I've started having fun teaching students how to have their characters solve murders while falling in love! 

So far I've posted the introduction and first lesson.  I've given the first assignment which is mostly just to have members introduce themselves and where they are in their writing careers, in addition to what they've written, and possibly published, so far. 

Not everyone has responded, but that's okay. 
I've also taught a couple of online classes at Savvy Authors, but not recently.  It's always a fun process but, yes, it is time-consuming.  I agreed several months ago to teach the OCC class and didn't realize how swamped I'd be around now.  Fortunately, since I just met a bunch of deadlines--as I've mentioned before--the timing is actually okay.  I've been a member of OCC for a long time and like to give back to the group when I can, and since I don't have time to be an officer or major volunteer, doing something like this now and then works fine. 

And besides, it's fun to teach online classes and hopefully help people with their writing careers! 

Have you ever presented, or taken, an online class?


Betty Hechtman said...

Your students are lucky to get you as a teacher. Again, I'm amazed at all you do!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty! Teaching, even online, is a fun experience despite how time-consuming it is.

Lexa Fisher said...

I've been taking online classes I've found through the RWA newsletters for about a year now, and they have been outstanding resources! Thank you so much for offering Kiss me or Kill Me. Now I'm not only learning how to better combine my favorite genres, but through your blog I've found more great links.


Linda O. Johnston said...

You're very welcome, Linda, and thanks for taking my class!