Friday, July 10, 2015


I made it to Chicago. The weather is a surprise. It’s barely 70 today, though it is supposed to get warmer by the weekend. After all the semi brown lawns in drought stricken L.A., it was nice to see the lush lawns and trees heavy with leaves. Also nice to take a shower and not feel guilty that it was to long.

I am laughing at the pile of stuff sitting next to me. As I move around the apartment, I take my cell phone, Ipad, paper appointment book and landline with me. I have four email addresses I am keeping track of and two Facebook pages which means there are bings going off all the time and stuff flashing on the screens. I hear the bings go through the phone, then the Ipad and finally a click on my computer. And since I just got a new hand me down Iphone, I have my old phone and a cord to hook it to my laptop so I can take photos off of it. Of course, I have cords and chargers for everything.

The junk mail turns up faster than I can delete it. Sometimes no sooner do I delete a list of junk emails than they pop right back up again. I am sure I am not the only one. The funny thing is that I wasn’t getting the emails from my website. They were going into a spam folder.

This dragging all the equipment around the apartment isn’t going to last. I am not one of those people staring at a screen all the time. I don’t like being tethered to all these devices. There is only so long that I can stand looking at a screen. I got an offer from a magazine I subscribe to trying to get me to change to digital. No way. I look forward to spending some time reading the paper edition of it I brought with.

It is a different experience. No screen going dark when you set it aside for a minute. No annoying pop up ads that are hard to get off the screen. And privacy. Who knows what the magazine people are learning about me if I were to read the magazine in a digital edition. It still freaks me to realize that Amazon knows how much of a book you read, can take it back if they so desire, and can basically be in your business. Now apparently, they are taking down book reviewsif they have determined that the reviewer and the author know each other. Nobody seems to know exactly what Amazon means by “know each other.”

On a cheerier note, this morning I did the Marly Bird’s Yarn Thing podcast. Despite technical difficulties, it was fun. Marly is very friendly and we mostly talked about yarn things, which I guess is why it’s called the Yarn Thing :-). I am going to add the link to my website, but in the meantime here it is:

It is definitely a new world of communication. The part I find the most amusing is seeing people sitting in a restaurant ignoring the company they are with in favor of sending text messages to someone who isn't there. What happened to conversation?


Linda O. Johnston said...

It certainly is a changing world, Betty. I purposely don't have my phone or computer dinging at me when I get messages, but oddly my phone does make a brief whirring sound when I get Facebook messages. It doesn't bother me so I haven't checked on how to turn it off. And believe it or not, I still enjoy getting a print newspaper.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda,I still read a paper newspaper as well. I could turn off the dings and bings, but I needed to be reachable. It was so distracting.

Planner said...

I like digital, but I choose the media I want and with no ads. The advantage for me is it's highly portable, there's no paper clutter, and it's an environmentally friendly choice.

Betty, I loved your interview on Marly Bird's Yarn Thing podcast. It was fun!

And congrats on your book release of Wound Up in Murder! I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I'm glad you have found what works for you. Yes, the interview with Marly was fun.

Miriam Lubet said...

I usually don't hear all the kings because my phone is off most of the time. And when it is one I have it on low. My computer too. But I do enjoy my phone and computer. I also like reading "real" magazines and newspapers. I'm on a four day delivery schedule of the paper so somedays I do read the paper online. I can keep up but it's just not the same. I'm also amused by all the cell phones on the dinner tables at restaurants. I keep mine in my purse. I wanted to listen to the podcast but all I got was the introduction over and over again. Congratulations on your book. I can't wait to read it.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miriam, I like all my electronics, but not all the time. II read stuff on line and it was nice on the plane to be able to read a book on my phone. Sorry about the technical difficulties with the podcast. I am working on putting a link on my website which hopefully will work.