Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finishing A First Draft

I'm almost there!  This week, I hope to finish the first draft of my third Superstition Mystery.  The final manuscript is due on October 1--right around when book #2 in the series, KNOCK ON WOOD, will be published.  This draft is rough and needs work, but that's the way I write: get something written roughly, then take some time polishing it.  I'll hopefully get feedback from some writer friends first, too. 

Once again, I'm in the middle of a busy time.  CANADIAN WOLF, my seventh Alpha Force paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne is a September release, and, as I mentioned, my next mystery is an October release.  I've already got a lot of events scheduled, both online and in person, as well as blogs and other promotion.   
One good thing is that it's all fun!  I sometimes stare at the computer screen when I'm working on that first draft until my hands stretch onto the keyboard on their own and start typing.  Well, not entirely on their own.  My subconscious is telling them what to do.  Consciously, I probably have an idea of what comes next generally, but the specifics are all inside.  And that first draft always needs the polishing I mentioned, where I can sit down and savor what I've already done and figure out, hopefully, what'll make it even better.
I'll keep this blog post relatively brief.  Why?  Well, guess what I'll be up to when I stop writing this.  Yes!  First draft, here I come... again.

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