Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Goose was Cooked

Michaelmas was wonderful, but too small, only nine of us.  And I roasted two geese.  Goose hasn’t got as much meat on it as a turkey, but we didn't even carve the second one.  So instead of a bare-bones carcass, we froze the meat off the second goose to have it at Christmas.  The first one was the most delicious goose I’ve ever served, so I have high hopes for the second.  Now we’ll see if the old superstition holds and we have no fiscal emergencies until this time next year – when we’ll roast another goose.

The weather lately has been magnificent, cool days and even cooler nights, though no frost yet.  The trees are just starting to turn, there are some gorgeous maples in our neighborhood.

I haven’t heard from my editor yet about Knit Your Own Murder.  But since the pub date has been moved back to August next year, there is no rush.  Still, I’m impatient for an opinion.  A professional opinion, that is.

Meanwhile I’m getting more stitching done than usual, and taking great pleasure in it.  I’ve got three projects going, the dancing skeleton (which I am starting to think will never be finished), a black scarf with a thin string of copper sparkly stuff knit into it, and some little cross stitch ornaments on a name tag I’ll wear the end of this month at Magna cum Murder in Indianapolis.  It's my favorite convention, and since it moved to Indianapolis from Muncie, the setting is marvelous: The Columbia Club.  Google it, if you want a glimpse, ooooh, la, la!

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Betty Hechtman said...

Fall sounds beautiful where you are. It's been so hot here, I keep having to remind myself that it is fall.