Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Last week I talked mostly about the Harlequin Romantic Suspense novel I was working on, COVERT ALLIANCE.  Well, I finished the draft enough to send it on to some friends who are writers, too, to get their comments to incorporate before I submit it.  If all goes well, I'll get it off early in January, a month before it's due.  Since it was requested to arrive early, that's a good thing. 

For the past weeks, though, I've been concentrating on that manuscript.  Now it's time to start working on something else.  That means I need to turn my mind in a different direction, from series romantic suspense to mystery.  I mentioned last week some of the things I'll be working on: the next Barkery & Biscuits Mystery and a new idea I want to pursue.

Meantime, I'm anticipating a busy time for the rest of the holiday season and beyond.  Relatives start arriving from out of town soon, and plans are being made for enjoying their company. 

And after that--well, I live in the Hollywood Hills not far from Universal Studios.  I enjoy having them for a neighbor.  I think it's really fun that the Sisters in Crime organization is having a national conference next year about trying to sell your stories to the film industry.  It'll take place in a hotel at Universal that will be fairly close to my home.  But the traffic... Ugh!  It's gotten worse every year since I've moved to L.A., and I'm anticipating it'll be especially horrible in my area starting next year when the new Harry Potter's Hogwarts portion of the park opens.  The opening date was just recently announced: in April. 

One good thing is that my commute these days consists of walking from my bedroom to my office to get to work at the computer.  Even so, I'm not chained to my desk and actually go places relatively frequently.  I'm not looking forward at all to that increase in traffic.
Maybe Harry Potter could wave his wizard wand and make the bad traffic disappear...  Don't I wish!

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Betty Hechtman said...

I miss the ET ride at Universal. It smelled wonderful and was was really magical.