Friday, January 29, 2016

Last Week

The week began with the heat not working on one side of our house. True, this is Southern California and the weather at night was hovering in the 50s, but still it was cold inside in the room where I work.

It turned out to be a faulty thermostat and was fixed quickly.

I am still struggling with the Mac laptop and its word processing program. I ended up losing my work because the wording of how it saves or deletes something is different than what I’m used to. The solution is to get Word for Mac. I still prefer WordPerfect, but at least I know how to save something in Word.

Later in the week I got food poisoning. Mild, thank heavens, but ucky still the same. I’m sure it was food poisoning because it started an hour or so after I’d had lunch at a Mexican place. Weird because all I had was brown rice and some quinoa along with some veggies. But clearly something wasn’t right with them. Check that place off my list.

The morning after being sick, I was nursing a cup of tea and trying to see how my stomach felt, when I saw something outside the back door. A squirrel was laying there. Still breathing, but not moving and clearly at the end. I felt terrible for the poor little creature. I can deal with death, but not suffering. I hoped it wasn’t feeling any pain.

However, there was the issue of what to do about it. In my house, I seem to be the one who always has to deal with dead creatures. With an already queasy stomach, the thought of dealing with the squirrel was too much. Luckily, my husband stepped in and got our pest control people to come for the squirrel. May he or she rest in peace.

I am hoping all the negative stuff is behind us now.


Linda O. Johnston said...

What a difficult week, Betty. I'm particularly sorry to hear about the squirrel. And I certainly hope your stomach is all better.

ldosborn said...

Sorry about your week--not too condusive to work ! The squirrel would have been too much for me also. I am quite healthy, but I am considering which of the kids should take my adorable calico cats if something suddenly happened to me--so many pros and cons to consider !

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, yes it was sad about the squirrel.

Betty Hechtman said...

Idosborn, It's hard to work when your stomach is upset. The only good part is that it such a relief to feel better.

Planner said...

Maybe the squirrel ate at the Mexican restaurant!

All kidding aside, food poisoning can be very serious; so glad you're recovered now. You might consider reporting the problem to the restaurant. Maybe others had the same problem, and they need to know.

Rest in peace, little squirrel. I always think of squirrels as indestructible lively creatures; it's hard to think of them in any other way.

I hope next week is a wonderful one for you! Be well.

Monica Ferris said...

May I add my wishes for a better week to follow such an awful one.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I did call the restaurant and spoke to the manager. He was very defensive. I have no idea if anybody else got sick from eating there.

I do hope next week is better.

Betty Hechtman said...

Monica, thanks for the good wishes.

Marvis Lutz said...

Your experience with food problems sounds like my Thanksgiving this year. Family ate at a very nice restaurant with a beautiful view of mountains, river, and eagles. I am vegetarian and had a salad and baked potato. The potato was charred black on the outside so I couldn't eat the skin (my favorite part). The shaved veggie salad was small but I think that is what had me running to the bathroom every little bit for four hours. I should have called the manager but didn't. I am sure it was the veggies that caused my distress - seems to be a lot of that (Chipotle) going around.

On a happier note I found a squirrel that was flat on its little back looking like he had given up on life. My three dogs were just standing around looking at it. I called my husband and asked him to get the cat carrier and then I picked the little guy up and carried him into the sunroom. I placed a few peanuts in the carrier and covered it with a towel. I checked about 5 minutes later and all the peanuts were eaten. Did it once more and those peanuts were eaten too. I took the carrier outside and out the squirrel ran. He was kind of dragging a back leg that had a deep scratch but otherwise was fine. I too am the one who has to take care of dead animals at my house. One corner of my backyard under the fir trees is where the squirrels, crows, and cats I have picked up off the road and brought home to bury. I have even brought them home from downtown when a car hit them. I am a softy with animals because mine bring me such joy.