Sunday, November 5, 2017

Re-Write, and Do Over -- and Save by Acting Now!

That headline seems to be the story of my life right now.

Fatal, Family, Album: Book #13 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series is now in the hands of beta readers and proofreaders. I've already gotten word that will result in one change. I know there will be many others.

A lot of writers get their backs up when they are criticized. That's not professional. I have learned to listen carefully to readers and proofreaders. They might not always be right, but often they make a terrific point. For example, I like to call Ladue a "tony" suburb. "Tony" means "fashionable among the rich or upscale." However, nearly every beta thought I meant "tiny." So I changed the wording. It's just not worth confusing the majority of people.

An astute beta has a background in banking, and he noticed a big flaw in my plot. I am thankful that I have his expertise to help me. I had done research. I had asked experts for help, and they gave me assistance, but that's different from reading the book and seeing how I used the information.

I am all for anything that makes my books more accurate, more readable, and more enjoyable. That's why I have more than a dozen people weigh in before the book is published.

Of course, the longer I write books, the higher my own standards are. I keep adjusting my expectations upward. That means I am more likely than ever to spot my own weaknesses and want to make changes.

It's the same with my miniatures. I didn't like the chandelier in the Steinway room box. I had wanted the light to stream through it. I had purchased Swarovski crystals, but I didn't think my design used them to full effect. So...down came the chandelier. That made try #4 or 5, I think. I looked at images of chandeliers again, and I started over. I really like the newer version.

Now the light shines through the chandelier. It also streams through a hole in the bottom so that it shines through the Swarovski crystals.

I've taken down the flat screen TV because I want to improve the trim around it. I'm going to replace the floor. I've actually ordered real wood parquet in a pattern that I think echoes the panels. I still want to put a trim around the zebra rug, but you might notice the tiny needlepoint pillow on the chair.
Last night we had a Facebook party to celebrate Happy Homicides 6: Cookin' Up Crime. Each author had a time slot. I watched what the other author guests as I stitched the pillow. I got so excited as I saw the Steinway logo taking shape that I stayed up to finish it. This morning, I turned it into a pillow.
Today is the last day that you can buy Happy Homicides 6 at 99 cents. It's also the last day you can get Shotgun, Wedding, Bells at 99 cents. I'm posting the two links below because I hope you'll take advantage of this chance to save money. Better yet, why not "gift" a friend and send her/him a copy of the books? You can't buy a card and mail it for 99 cents!
Be sure to tell me what you think of my dollhouse improvements.
All best,
Shotgun, Wedding Bells: Book #11 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series
Happy Homicides 6: Cookin' Up Crime


Dawn Kramer said...

I like the look of this light two. I'm curious to see what you do for the Tv and see the pillow. It's coming along really nice.

Joanna Slan said...

Thank you, Dawn!