Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Lists of Christmas

The Lists of Christmas

I’ll admit it, I’m Christmas crazy. There is something about this particular holiday season (I’m not much into Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving) that puts me in the mood to experience and do everything Christmassy. Fortunately, I only put myself on the doer of the lists of must dos and my family can either benefit from or ignore all my Christmas giddiness preparations. I’m the crazy Christmas person in our home and I learned early on it made for a more pleasant holiday season (for all) when everyone’s enthusiasm for the holiday was respected.

To get the most out of the season, I have a few lists. Now, this won’t work for everyone but I’m a planner. I like plans. I thrive on order. And I like to know I won’t miss out on my favorites so I have a Christmas planner and have the following lists:

      1.  Handcrafted Gifts – I like to make each family member one item for Christmas. I need to get started if I’m going to get them all done.

      2.  Cookie Baking – I always do three favorites and one new recipe. My family helps decide on the three and I pick the new one. (Favorites: chocolate chip, spritz, and peanut butter and jelly)

      3.  Wish List – I have learned to include where I’ve hidden the gift as some years it’s such a great spot, I can’t find it until spring.

      4.  Holiday Movies – I have quite a collection of Christmas/Holiday movies and now that we have the Hallmark Channel again (YAY!), I have more movies to watch. I create my own holiday programming guide so I can fit in all my favorites and catch all the new ones on the Hallmark Channel.

      5.  Holiday Reading – I start putting together a list of books I’d like to read. I write mini-reviews on my blog

      6.  Christmas Eve Dinner – I do an appetizer meal on Christmas Eve. I put out the trays in the late afternoon as we finish up any Christmas day preps (like putting together items for the little ones who’ll be over the next day), wrap presents, watch movies and talk about past Christmases. I have about three tried and true appetizers everyone loves and then two new recipes (or 1 recipe and 1 frozen option). It’s one of our favorite dinners of the year.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm impressed by all your planning and creativity!