Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bathroom Rebuild in Full Swing

In August, we had our master bathroom gutted because of a mold issue. The only way to total remove the mold was to take everything out (original builders of the bathroom didn't know that putting untreated wood paneling in a bathroom was a bad idea). We contracted with a localish company to build the new bathroom, which involved taking out a guest bathroom that backed up to it. There are--were--three bathrooms on the first floor, and two were built back-to-back. We decided to turn the two into one large master bathroom.

We've been waiting since September, when the plans were finalized, for the work to start. It was supposed to start before Thanksgiving but the crew was tied up with another project that turned out to be a little more extensive than originally planned. So we waited. And waited.

Last Thursday, the renovation started! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see it start coming together. We're at the boring stage of the renovation: replacing electrical, moving water pipes, leveling floors, stabilizing walls, framework for the shower, basically the important part that no one pays attention to unless it doesn't work (lights and water). I know the "boring" stuff is the most important but I can't help wanting to see the "pretties" start going up (flooring, tub, tile). I wasn't able to get pictures of the work completed so far as by the time the workers left, it was dark and there are no lights in the master bathroom.

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