Saturday, January 6, 2018

Llamas in ... Pajamas?

Have you noticed that there are trends in animals? Just like with colors, certain animals become "on point" and popular.

Llamas seem to be having a moment. Check out last month's cover of HGTV Magazine. See the little white llama on the right side? Only his head is peeping out. That tiny gold bell at his neck is so cute, isn't it?

I think the profile caught my eye because months ago, when I was walking on the beach, I found this...

Trust me, this was NOT intended to be a llama. Nope. It's a bit of garbage that washed up on the sand.  It is like those crazy potato chips shaped like George Washington's profile that sell for thousands of dollars on eBay. Being the magpie I am, I picked it up and taped it to the door of the refrigerator.

So when I walked into CB2 in Georgetown, VA, and saw llamas everywhere--I was tickled to death!

In fact, if you go to Google and type in "llama accessories" and "images," there are a wealth of cool choices.

Now I'm psyched about making my own llama. This kit is for needle felting, a craft I've wanted to try.

I'm you like llamas? Have you ever done needle felting? Have you noticed llama drama?

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Terry Ambrose said...

Can't say that I've had any llama drama...but your little fuzzy guy looks very adorable. I guess he's kind of a llama for mama. :-)