Thursday, February 8, 2018

Story Vision Board

With Twas in the first round of editing, and scheduled to be sent off to beta readers in about a week, I was planning on next outlining the seventh Scrap This and ran into a major, to me, issue. The plot that is consuming my mind, demanding to be written, is a little later in Faith's life than I wanted. I've tried brainstorming other plots but they won't stick in my head. None of them work because the one in my head has grabbed my imagination and I'm excited to write it...except the when it happens in Faith's life.

Readers have followed Faith in her journey through crime solving and romance and in Altered to Death, Faith is planning her wedding. Book 7 would happen after the I dos. The wedding would've happened off-screen months in advance. And I really want readers there for her wedding. I feel it's important for them, and me, to be invited to the nuptials rather than told in passing. They've been with Faith through some hard times in her life and I wanted them there for this joy.

To solve that dilemma, I'm going to write a short story. I had part of the plot come to me, while other pieces were harder to grasp. I decided to pull everything together, I was going to try a crafty approach and create a vision board for my story. It worked. I don't know if this process will work for a full-length but I'll give it a try.

Here is the "board" I created for the short story.

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