Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Great Curtain Hunt

Our bathroom remodel is in the home stretch, and we are so excited to have a master bathroom again. We've been without one for six months (first world problem). The one piece missing, and I'm struggling to find, are curtains. It's harder for me to find the perfect curtains to go with my vision and the other items in the room than it was to pick out the counter tops. My husband reminds me that the curtains can be replaced easily if we decide we don't like them after all. While I know that, I have a hard time remembering it when I'm shopping for curtains. It's like they have to match the vision I have in my head...but the problem is I never saw those curtains anywhere. It was just floating around in my mind when I envisioned the completed bathroom.

And, I think that is holding me back is from deciding on a curtain. I want it to match the vision in my head. I want--need--everything perfect when it's "revealed". I don't know if it's from watching too many home improvement shows on HGTV or having lived with the vision in my head for six months I want to see it come to life before me.

Since we need to have curtains in our bathroom, I finally chose some. I like them, and if they don't work in the bathroom, the curtains would be lovely in my office/craft room. I'm also starting to contemplate having custom curtains made. I'm an okay sewer, but the curtains in my perfect master bathroom have grommets and that is not something in my sewing wheelhouse, and well, fabric can be pricey. Hopefully, once the curtains are up, they will look perfect...or else back to shopping.

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