Friday, March 23, 2018

Ready to Send

I feel like I’ve been in a tunnel all week. I was on the last round of finishing my edits for the book that may or may not be called The Chain Gang. My editors comments were not major, but the thing with a mystery is that everything has the domino effect.

So every time I made a change I had to make sure it didn’t screw up something that happened up ahead. All I can say is thank heavens for the go to and the find tools. I have been tethered to my computer all week.

At the same time I was dealing with the family business which meant that where ever I went in the house I was carrying two phone because we have two lines, my cell phone and my appointment book.

My final job was to make the recipes that are in the book. It is my family’s favorite part. I’m including a coffee cake and something I used to make for my son. He called it Chinese Jello, but since Jello is a trademark, I changed it to Chinese Jelly for the book.

It’s not really even Chinese. We used to go to a sushi place that served something like it and he liked it so much I created my own version.

I am almost ready to push send and send my manuscript hurling across the country to land in my editor’s office in New York. But I ‘ll let it sit until morning in case I suddenly realize there is something I want to change.

And then it is back to the living with the mountain of laundry and work for the family business to do.


Linda Osborn said...

Is there a release coming in May ? I thought you had mentioned that, but Amazon is offering "On The Hook" for preorder on Nov. 13. Is there anything before that ? What has happened to poor Casey and her yarn ??

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I went to Amazon and for some reason Amazon is showing the paper back of On the Hook which comes out in November. The hardcover shows up as other editions and if you click on that it shows it coming out May 8.

I will let my publisher know about the mix up. As for Casey I was in the process of writing the next book, but got sidetracked when I got the edits for what I think is going to be called The Chain Gang. I will be working on that now and once I turn it in will know the release date.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on being nearly ready to send things off! I know how good that can feel.