Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photo Sorting

I love going on vacations. I love taking pictures as does my husband and my middle child which is how I now find myself sorting through 3,000+ photos from our 10 day vacation in California. It's nice to have so many pictures to choose from but it's a huge task to narrow them down. We had taken the laptop on vacation with us and before leaving the beautiful state of California, my husband had downloaded the photos for our daughter's camera. Our son came also but he isn't a big picture taker, maybe because he knew we were doing plenty of it between 2 cell phones, 2 point and shoot cameras, and one DSLR.

Now that I have all the photos in place, and have chosen which photo printing place I'm using...Amazon Prime Photos (with free shipping it costs the same as free photos from Shutterfly and paying for shipping and I don't have to wait for a deal)...and it's time to pick which ones to upload. I completed the last scrapbook album I was working on and with a crop coming up in July, I need to gather up the items for my next crop project: Vacation 2017.

My first step was making a folder, Upload CA pics to Amazon, and copying pretty much every single photo into it this way we still have all the originals. I plan on deleting this folder and the contents once the pictures are upload to Amazon.  I was able to delete about 200 from the start as they were blurry or off nothing but it still leaves quite a number to sort through. Some of the photos, golf outings, I'm leaving for my husband to go through because what I think is just a rock might be something important from him and our son's golfing trip to Torrey Pines.

Next, I went through and deleted any doubles or composition of photo that appear to make it a double and any photos that even though not blurring just weren't good for some reason. As I had 3,000 photos to work with, I was a little more discerning on what I kept and also in trimming down some of the our twenty photos of giraffes.

Currently, I'm down to a little over 1,600 photos to print. Still a lot but I know that number will go down once my husband narrows down the golf photos and the ones of seals at La Jolla cove. I plan on doing another "editing" pass on the photos to get it down to an even more manageable level.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Wow. I have to learn how to do all that! It sounds as if you'll have wonderful reminders of your trip.