Friday, June 1, 2018

When Dreams Come True

And another month bits the dust. The week whirred by as I jumped from one project to the other. I am simultaneously going through the copy edit for HOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING, writing INHERIT THE WOOL, and coming up with blurbs for two more Crochet Mysteries. At the sane time still dealing with the release of ON THE HOOK.

I am not complaining. I am grateful to have this riches of projects. But I often think about the difference between the days when I was going to writers’ conferences nervously pitching a manuscript to an agent or editor. If anyone wanted to see more, I was floating a foot off the ground with joy. It was the same if I left my writers group and they liked what I’d brought in.

In those days it was all about the promise of a dream coming true of selling a story to a magazine or wonder of wonders, getting a book published. I never thought about what came after. It was all about getting that chance.

And now there are deadlines, revisions, more revisions, copy edits, proof reading and worry if the book will sell. And even when you’re seating in front of your computer or with a pad and pen, the words don’t necessarily appear. And trying harder doesn’t help.

To get away from it all I went to my knit and crochet group today. It was wonderful to immerse myself in female company and forget about writing for a little while. But then as I was walking to my car I noticed news vans from all the TV stations parked on the street. There was nothing going on then, but I was sure they were gathering for something. There were no cop cars or helicopters which made it seem like it didn’t have anything to do with a crime. I checked my phone and there wasn’t anything about a breaking story nearby All I saw was a story about a bear in somebody’s swimming pool, but it was far away from where I was. So then all the way home, I played the what if game.

I watched the news hoping to find out what the real story was, but there was a crazy car chase and the whole newscast ended up being spent on that.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Isn't it fun how writing careers develop! And there are always more changes to come. Hope whatever the news story that fizzled was that it wasn't harmful.