Friday, July 20, 2018

A Little Bit of This and That

I’m still having Internet issues. I though it was the signal to one computer, but had the same problem with my laptop. It’s frustrating because it’s intermittent and hard to tell if the source is the modem or the line in. It honestly seems like a tease. The signal will be fine and then I’ll try to go online and it goes off. Maybe it’s the heat. A million years ago, I worked at an O operator and they kept the office icy cold for the equipment. I used to carry a heavy sweater to work in the middle of the summer.

I could also look at it as the spirits telling me not to waste time reading stupid stories online. The headlines are always a tease and the stories rarely deliver.

I am close to finishing INHERIT THE WOOL. It feels like I’ve been working on it forever as there was one interruption after another. There was even one this week. I got back the second pass pages of HOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. It is my final, final chance to make any corrections or minor changes. I was given a week or so to do it in, but because of the INHERIT THE WOOL and stuff I have to do for the family business, I decided to tough it out and do it all in one day.

I found nine things that needed to be changed. My other publisher didn’t send second pass pages -- just first pass pages. At first they sent me a hard copy and there were assorted way I returned the corrections, but now it’s all on the screen and I send the corrections as a Word document. Reading all that in one day on a screen was a challenge. I heard somewhere that you don’t blink as much when you read on a screen and you get eye strain and your eyes dry out. I did feel all in when I finished, but also glad that it was off my plate.

I am looking ahead to my trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin for Writer’s Police Academy. Today I found out that I got in the finger print lifting class and the defense and arrest tactics. I have gone numerous times in the past and always learn some interesting things. I particularly like getting to know the personalities behind the badges.

The last time I went, the hotel was at an Indian Casino and removed from everything. This time the hotel is in downtown Green Bay which should be more interesting. Maybe I’ll actually see Green Bay this time.

I like going everywhere.   Yay, I posted this without getting kicked offline once!


Miriam Lubet said...

Have a great time! Your sessions sound very interesting.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on remaining online. Hope your internet treats you better. I keep hearing good things about the Writer's Police Academy. Maybe I'll go there one day, too. Have fun--and let us know some of the interesting things you learn.