Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's a Mystery to Me, Maybe

A small needlepoint piece of a witch riding her broom across a full moon was sent to my niece in Florida – but never arrived.  I didn’t insure it, just put it in a brown envelope and sent it off.  I haven’t lost anything I've sent in the mail in a very long time, so this is baffling and aggravating. 

It’s cool and damp this morning but supposed to be crazy hot tomorrow, the Grand Fourth, with a chance of thunderstorms in the evening.  Bummer.  We’ve got two guests coming over, will serve potato salad and cole slaw and watermelon and like that things for a light supper, then walk next door to the park to watch fireworks.  I hope.

My niece sent me a lovely ancient piece of vellum that was a page in an Italian antiphonal to see if I could get it authenticated and perhaps valued.  So far, no good, but I’ve got a few more places to inquire.  I have a feeling there’s a mystery plot in this situation somewhere.

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