Thursday, July 5, 2018

Juggling Books

I'm at the stage where I'm juggling two books in a series and it's not an easy task for my brain. Currently, I'm editing Not a Creature Was Stirring that's scheduled for release in January 2019, and I'm writing the second in the Twas a Murder series which is due to my editor in September. I'm finding it harder this go around as book two takes places not too long after the ending of book one. The issue I'm running into is making sure the timeline for the book corresponds with what happened in Creature, and remembering a scene and then realizing it's in the other book.

I hadn't intended for book two to take place only a few weeks after book one, but there were sub plots in Creature that really needed shown and it wouldn't make sense for the main character to not know months after. Trying to make those resolutions to sub-plots sound relevant and not like an info drop was clogging up the story that had originally been book two (which now will be book three in the series) so I knew it wasn't the right story to tell...yet.

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