Thursday, July 12, 2018

Layout Kits to the Rescue

A few months ago, I was finally able to find a storage unit that fit my 12x12 scrapbook albums. I could finally display them out in the open, in one area, rather than having the albums in bookcases or shelves in different parts of the house. Now that the albums are accessible and out in public view, my family is looking through them more often.

Seeing my family enjoying the albums has made me want to "catch up" on scrapbooking. There are tons of pictures (daily life, vacations, special events) that are still in drawers or boxes. I want to share those photos with them rather than just storing them. Some weeks though it doesn't seem like I have much time to craft. Other things get in the way. And while I've been able to craft at least once a week, the time can be limited and I do small projects rather than layouts that can take more time.
Not to mention there are days when I'm not feeling that creative.

Sometimes writing can be a big drain on my creativity. When I'm done working on a new book or editing, my brain is tired and I just can't think of anything new, even a page design. How could I accomplish my goal of more layouts in albums when I'm feeling short on time and creativity? The answer for me is layout kits. I can do the layout exactly as the instructions show, or I can change it up a bit if I'm in the mood. It might be that my mind can't figure out the starting off point for a layout, but once shown the main foundation of the page, I can see how to place the other elements and I'll go off the directed course.
Page 1 of a layout kit

Page 2 of a layout kit...just need to add photos

 Sometimes, like these two photos, I'll do the layouts and then add the photos later. This page I made at a class I took at the Stamp and Scrapbook Expo. I really loved the style of the layouts and colors as it will go nicely with our California pictures, and I have a couple more of these kits that will complement it. Most times my albums are a mix of styles and colors, but there are times I want a more cohesive design for the pages in an album. Other kits, rather than having the components cut out and ready for use, are more of a collection of pattern paper, cardstock, and embellishments that work together to create eye-pleasing layouts, taking out the guess work if the patterns work well together.

My favorite kit companies are:

Quick Quotes. Their kits can be easily customized (elements moved around).
I love that the pieces pieces are punched out and not that much cutting
is needed. Saves time. Instructions are included.

The Whole Kit-N-Kaboodle. They have more than just Disney theme kits,
but those are my favorite. The instructions for the layout are easy to follow.
The die cuts are not assembled. You have to glue them together.

Kiwi Lane. This kit comes with an idea sheet and step-by-step
instructions for one of the layouts on the front. Kiwi Lane
templates are used for the design (the templates are
sold separately).

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