Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I'm Home

Yes, I'm home.  And, yes, I was traveling again over a long weekend--not for a writing conference this time but for family.  We visited my husband's family farm in Ohio, and so did other family members including my adorable grandsons.  It was fun to get together.

But I didn't get much writing done... although I did come up with a new idea that I need to work on.  Now that I'm home, I'll need to get busy again, although I'm still not sure which project to focus on first.

Meanwhile, I'm delighted to be back with my dogs.  They seem delighted that we're back, too.

And since I have a list of things I need to do, including getting my writing restarted, I'll end this now... so, bye till next time.  


Betty Hechtman said...

Visiting a farm with lots of family sounds wonderful. Glad you came home with a fresh idea.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks! I love new ideas...