Thursday, August 9, 2018

Name Change

Remembering a character's name can be difficult, especially when they started off the story with one name, and you realize that it needs to changed. I've thought of this character as one name since he popped into the story and I'm having a hard time not using the original name. The reason I changed it was there would be too many characters that had the letter W as either their first or last name. Unfortunately, the original name fit him perfectly, according to my muse, and I'm having to keep reminding myself of his new name. Just a few minutes ago, I resorted to typing in all caps at the beginning of chapters his name is Norman not Walter.

Hopefully, that will be the last reminder I need and I won't have to do use the find and replace function again. Now, I have to also go back through the book and make sure there weren't any places where replacing Walter with Norman created new words. I've changed characters names before when the name didn't match the character, or I got stuck on a letter (I seem to do that a lot) but none have caused me as much trouble as this one. Maybe, I need to think of another name to change it to since Norman isn't sticking in my head.

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