Friday, September 7, 2018


I don't know what it is about me and the Internet, but it seems like I keep having problems with it.  When I was in Chicago last I arrived to find the phone and my Internet not working.

And now barely a month later, I'm having the same problem in Tarzana.  Well, the phone works, but the Internet is totally dead.  What makes it worse is that all my computers and my phone show that I'm connected to the Internet, but somewhere beyond the modem, it's not working.  My phone won't get email or go online because it seems stuck with the idea it is connected to WiFi.

I called the phone company and someone is supposed to come tomorrow.  The woman I spoke to sent me a confirmation email which of course I couldn't get.

Luckily I still have a device that gets me online and its working.  Though it seems very hot which makes me hesitant to want to use it for long.

The way I found out the Internet was working was that when I went looking for a phone number for UPS I got the "can't display the page" screen.  Why was I calling UPS?  Two night ago I found two packages on my front porch that UPS had dropped off.  Neither were for me.  One at least was for someone else on my street.  The other was for a street that isn't even close.  I tried contacting UPS that night but they were closed.  The next  day I called them and explained the mis delivered packages.  The woman thanked me but seemed bewildered what to do.  She kept asking me for tracking numbers and addresses where they were to go, which I didn't have since the packages were on the porch.  I thought that she had managed to arrange for them to be picked up, but the next morning they were still there.

I called UPS again and the woman I spoke to had a similar accent to the one from the day before which made me believe they were somewhere out of the country.  I told her the situation and I could barely understand her and I don't think she understood me very well either.  She seemed confused, so I suggested that she just set up a pick up for packages at my address as I was sending something.  She seemed more confused and I was getting annoyed at wasting all this time for their mistake.  In the end somebody from UPS called me after I got off the phone with her.  The woman was clueless about why she was calling, but she at least understood the situation when I explained the mis delivered packages.

I looked out this evening so  assume UPS picked them up.  It's so weird that the people I spoke to seemed so confused about what to do.  I can't believe this is the first time it has ever happened.  The worst part is that if the people who were supposed to get the packages tracked them, they would have probably showed that they were delivered.

My big writing work this week was taking care of the copy edit of  INHERIT THE WOOL.  I just have a couple of things to straighten out before I send it back in.

I have done some work on the proposal I'm writing, but a lot of it is on a yellow pad and I have to put it in the computer.  I have to stop handwriting until I get it all in the computer otherwise I get mixed up with what I've written and what I've thought I've written.

I am looking forward to getting lost in the story.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

I would have thought that all UPS employees who answer the phone would be instructed to follow up quickly on any misdelivered packages, and how to do it.

And very sorry about your computer trouble. That can be so frustrating!