Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Haunting and More!

Have you ever read a book that makes you want to go do something to figure out its reality?  And not just for research, but out of interest?

I'm currently reading a recently published book called Haunted Universal Studios, and I find it fascinating, partly because I don't live far from Universal.  The authors clearly did a lot of research, mostly talking to people who say they've experienced some of the haunting experiences now described in the book, or they have friends who did.  Is it all real?  Any of it?  Who knows?  But it generated this book, and though I don't know how popular it is or it'll become, I'm enjoying the idea.  Maybe I'll even go visit some of the locales at Universal where the described ghosts are claimed to reside.

Of course that kind of thing does give me writing ideas.  Since I love to write about dogs, maybe I could have a protagonist train a K-9 to locate ghosts.  They're supposed to make noise, after all, so a dog could hear that and react.  But do ghosts have any kind of smell that a dog could distinguish? 

When I Googled ghost-detecting dogs, a lot of links came up so maybe there are such K-9s.  In any case, for now, I'll just consider the idea and keep on working on the stories I'm already involved with.

Hard to believe we're now in the second week of the New Year, by the way.  Hope it's going great for all of you!

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