Friday, January 11, 2019

Thursday Surprise

I had intended to write my post last night, but by the time I got home, I was too tired to think straight.  It turned out to be one of those serendipity days that has surprising twists and turns.

The knit and crochet group I belong to meets on Thursday at  Joann's.  I don't make it there often enough as it seems Thursday morning are a big time for someone to need my presence.  I was very glad to make it this week.  I'm working on a blanket made in a technique I just learned called corner 2 corner crochet.  Once you learn it, it's pretty simple and easy to talk while working on.

We did a little show and tell -- we bring in just completed projects to ooh and aah over.  Then the topic turned to food and after hearing about a vegan restaurant I'd like to try, the conversation turned to this relatively new appliance called an Insta Pot.  I'd seen ads for them, but hadn't paid much attention.  I'm in the place now that I like having counter space and not easily swayed by the promise of a new gadget.  Case in point, I bought an air fryer, unboxed it and looked at it on the counter for a month.  I read and reread what it could do and weighted the space it took up and decided it wasn't worth it.  Never having used it, I boxed it up and took it back.

I have to say the Insta Pot sounds like it might be worth the space it takes up. I was assured that it could make soup from scratch in 12 minutes.  Since there is a lot of cooking and baking in my books.  One of my characters might just be getting one of those pots.

I went home at the end of our session and was going to spend the afternoon working on a bunch of projects.  I have things to do for the family business, book I'm working on, promotion things for all my books, housework, etc.  But I got a call from my son announcing we were going to Disneyland.  Of course, I could have said no, but I love to be out in the world.  We have season passes, so it's not a problem if we go there for only part of a day.  It is a nice get away from the world sort of place.

We had to deal with traffic first.  My son is the navigator and we zoomed from one freeway to the next  surrounded by container trucks on their way to the port.  By the time we drove down Disney Lane or whatever its called, it was 5.  And then we found out that Disneyland was closing at 9.

It was surprisingly busy and a lot of the rides were closed to have the holidays stuff removed.  We were really just there to walk around and soak up the pretend world atmosphere.  Though we stayed a shorter time than usual, I walked more than usual (my watch keeps track of my steps).  We finished the evening by getting Impossible burgers near home.  They are these new vegan burgers that look and taste more like meat than the usual veggie burger. 

Even with the early closing, it was almost 11 when I got home. And then I collapsed in my chair with a cup of tea.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Hey, it's good to never pass up an opportunity to visit Disneyland!