Wednesday, September 4, 2019

See You In September

That's the name of an old song.  But guess what.  It's now September!  And as I've said before, this year is going fast.


It's now past the date that was the original deadline on the manuscript I'm working on now.  I've made good progress and hope to be able to turn it in soon, but I'm really glad I got an extension.


Meanwhile, I'm also, in my mind, plotting its sequel as well as some mystery ideas.  No surprise.  My mind always seems to be at work, plotting a lot of things.


It's hot here in L.A., and the humidity reminds me of growing up in Pittsburgh.  I loved Pittsburgh but hated the humidity.  Oh, well,  Air conditioning helps.


And now... Mystie, my older dog, has come into my office and is looking up at me, communicating.  And of course I have to obey.  It's time to go outside!  I'll call Cari and we'll all go out in the heat and humidity.  Good thing their coats are now short for their comfort.


Happy September, everyone!

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