Friday, March 20, 2020

Guests in the Attic

I don’t know about you, but all of the virus stuff has sent my moods on a roller coaster ride.  And having rats in your attic doesn’t help.

When I sat down to write my blog last night I had just heard that the Mayor of Los Angeles had just ordered a lock down.  We’d already been asked to stay home and restaurants had been reduced to take-out only, Gathering spots like bowling alleys and movie theaters had been closed, but store and businesses were still functioning.

Now it wasn’t a suggestion, but an order with legal consequences if you didn’t comply.  The online story said that only essential businesses would stay open.  I have had mood swings since all this started, but this new order sent my mood tumbling and my fingers couldn’t seem to type a word.

I was worried about a particular business closing.  Ten years ago we had our house rat proofed, but since have gotten a new roof.  The crafty creatures have found a way into our attic and a week ago we had our pest control rat specialist here to check things out.  But it was rainy, so the best he could do was set traps in the attic.  He said he’d come back one a week to take care of any fatalities and put out new ones.  Once it wasn’t raining, he’d find out where they were getting in and close it off.  He came yesterday and there were a number of bodies he had to remove.  But it had rained and he couldn’t go on the roof.  So he set more traps and said we’d have to wait another week to find their entry spot.

But with the lock down and all businesses closing, I had visions of dead bodies in the attic with no one to take them out.  And for how long?  We’d be stuck at home in a house reeking of death.  Nothing gets rid of that smell.  And it’s not like other smells that you don’t notice after a while. All the peppermint oil in the world won’t mask it.

I gave up on trying to think of anything to say.  I reread the article which was on a local news station a few times looking for some hope, but it just talked about staying indoors.  Finally I noticed there was a sentence in a space between paragraphs that said something to the effect of what are essential businesses.  When I clicked on it, it turned out to be a link and a whole list of  essential businesses appeared.

I felt a surge of hope when I saw hair and nail salons listed.  I kept reading and sure enough exterminators was listed.  We won’t have to be locked in with that stench. 

It was enough to send my mood at least to almost good.

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Linda Osborn said...

Wow ! Thank you ! I haven't seen the list of essential business here in Orange County, and I have an appointment for a haircut Saturday. The place should be open !
My family members who teach and work for schools are having to create on line classes, all the way down to Kinder. My granddaughter who is a food services clerk in Santa Ana is helping set up free feeding programs for ever child in the city.
The whole thing has now made me nervous...l was very cool at first ! If people would just be sensible about their purchases, and stay home as much as possible, we might end this mess in two months--China is finally showing a great slowdown in new cases.
Umm, just remembered Molly had a dead critter in the attic, and Barry broke her front door! Call him if you need help !