Friday, July 31, 2020

Gotta Move!

First there was an earthquake, then brush fires.  Yikes! The truth is I slept through the earthquake and the brush fires near me were put out quickly, but still what a way to start the day.  Oh, and after a mildly warm summer, the temperature shot up to over 100 degrees,

Actually, my mind was on other things.  Last week Linda O. Johnston mentioned she was continuing to go to her regular exercise class and it was held outside.  It sounded so great and reminded me how much I missed taking exercise classes, particularly aerobics classes.  The gyms opened briefly, but I are closed again, but even when they were open, they weren’t holding classes.

By chance I saw a post card from Kaiser about at home exercise options. I looked into it and ended up signing up for classpass.  They offer live classes which cost something and on demand classes that are free.  I scrolled through them and found something close to what I used to take.  Well, maybe a little more high energy, but the same sort of dance moves that become a routine.

I needed space to do the class and a location where my family wouldn’t be passing through.  I am not up for an audience. The perfect plan was to exercise outside and view the class on my laptop.

I checked that I got WiFi in the yard.  Space was no problem and if I did the class in the morning, I’d be the only one awake, so no one watching.

So this morning, I ignored the disaster and went ahead with my plan.  It was great, I could wear anything I wanted. I didn’t have to worry about tripping over someone standing next to me.  And since I’m out of shape, I didn’t have to worry if I wanted to stop in the middle, modify the movements, or if I just got them all wrong.

It was already hot when I went outside and the patio where I planned to exercise didn’t have any shade, but I wasn’t to be dissuaded.  The umbrella table offer some shade.  I set my computer up on the table and I was ready to boogie.

I won’t say that it was easy. Like I said, I am out of shape.  But as I began to move along with the instructor and class I had I was flooded with a good feeling.  Welcome back endorphins! I didn’t do jumping jacks like the probably 20 something instructor did, but I moved my legs.  When I finished the class, I felt great.  I had forgotten how good I felt after an exercise class.  Even later when my muscles let me know they were in shock, I still felt so much better than if I hadn’t done the class.

It gave me such a boost.  Hope to be able to get something back that I have missed.  Hope that I can get back in shape.  Happiness that I can get a shot of endorphins.  And all that foot work seems to open up my mind.  Just a few minutes in and a whole conversation between Barry and Molly popped into my mind.  I was as surprised as Molly was when he told her he was seeing someone.

Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll try the kick boxing class.     


Sally Morrison said...

Oh no Barry is seeing someone? Now I really can't wait to read the latest book. :)

I'm trying to keep moving too. I bought a very inexpensive watch/pedometer. It has a feature to set a reminder to move. I live in Florida and I'm really avoiding going places these days and its too hot to walk very much outside. Instead I'm wearing a path through my house. Set a goal for 5000 steps a day, then 10,000. Yay for those endorphins.

Linda Osborn said...

I Have been trying to do some workouts that allow you to sit on a chair. My knees and back are just not up to much of anything, so these seem to be a good choice for me. They workouts are free, I found them on Facebook !
Wait a minute...Barry is seeing someone ??? You will ruin my world !

Betty Hechtman said...


Good for you being able to do 5,000 steps in your house. It's gotten hot to walk here, too. Yes, the endorphins are great.

Just a hint. Barry and Molly are working together in his book.

Betty Hechtman said...


I have done chair workouts and they're great. I'm sorry about your back and knees.

AS I said to Sally, Barry and Molly are working together so who knows what happens to the woman he's seeing.

chkntza said...

I miss Zumba terribly. I live on the third floor so sometimes I do Zumba in my kitchen walking all the steps but it is not the same. I found a lot of classes for free on you tube and Facebook. All kinds of exercises the I am not used to doing but I am trying anyway. Until I can get back to the gym and my trainer and hopefully someday Zumba.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on your new exercise program, Betty!

Betty Hechtman said...

I was looking at Zumba classes online. I used to take it at the gym. I can see how that would be hard to do on the third floor. I grew up on a third floor and understand how you have to be concerned about neighbors.

I have been do the cardio video in my yard, so there isn't any thudding on the wood floors in my house.

I miss the classes at the gym, too. There is a different energy when you're with a lot of people. Good luck finding something you like.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, you were my inspiration when I heard you were going to outdoor classes.