Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Busy On and Offline

For the past couple of weeks I've described things going on in my writing online first, then offline the next week.

 Now I'm combining them here since there's been even more of both.

 First, I delightfully got together with some good friends yesterday whom I hadn't seen in ages.  We hooked up near a bookstore, but of course we didn't literally hook up.  Masks, social distancing... we were very good!  It was wonderful to see them, and I bought a couple copies of a book written by one of them that just came out. 

Today I'll be getting together with some other friends whom I lunch with once a month locally.  Only lately, we just hold a Facebook get-together at the time we used to actually get together physically. 

Then there's my Harlequin connection.  I have a new Harlequin Romantic Suspense miniseries starting in July next year--the Shelter of Secrets series.  The first book will be called Her Undercover Refuge. It's about--yes, a very special undercover shelter where animals are saved, and so are humans in danger. Those humans, in protective custody and given new identities, are purported to be homeless people given somewhere to stay if they help take care of the rescued animals. I've written two manuscripts and the details for having a cover created for the first one are being managed now. 

And yes, I'm working on another Colton book for Harlequin Romantic Suspense.  Then there's that Alaskan mystery book.  And I finished and sent the proposal for another mystery series idea.

Meanwhile, my dogs love their usual walks and keep putting their noses on the drawer where we keep their leashes.  They continue to give us other orders, too. 

Plus there are video calls with family in Indiana and visits sometimes with our other son who lives within driving distance... Lots of good stuff in times that remain bad.



Betty Hechtman said...

You have a lot going on. It's nice to have some social outlets. I know what you mean about it being nice to be in a bookstore. When I was in North Carolina I went into a Barnes & Noble and signed some stock. I hadn't been in a bookstore in such a long time.

Good luck with your proposal. Your Harlequin books sound fascinating.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks for your comment about my Harlequin books, Betty. And yes, it is nice to have social outlets--although I try to be very careful. But it's always delightful to stay in touch with friends. And visiting bookstores is fun!