Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Between and More

Right now, I'm busy, but I'm also waiting. 

A very sweet friend is beta-reading the manuscript I most recently finished. I'll want her comments before I make final revisions to that manuscript and turn it in. I think I know now what the title will be and will post it here one of these days.

 I'm working on an idea I had a few months ago, revising the proposal I worked on then. My other ideas are currently on hold, but that could change at any moment. 

I'm once more seriously considering getting some of my early mysteries re-published as ebooks. 

I'm hanging around home working and pondering what's next. I'm mostly communicating with people on the computer, which is always fun.

 I'm obeying my dogs--of course. 

I'm watching this year speed by, even though I'm not running around and traveling as I used to do. 

Exciting? No. But fortunately, it all works!


Sally Morrison said...

I'm always impressed with your ongoing creativity. Looking forward to reading your new works. It is so good to have interesting projects and plans for the future.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thank you so much, Sally! Fortunately, there always seems to be something going on. And more to come.