Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Writing, Editing and Dogs

 I'm finishing the manuscript for my new mystery, which will be called BEAR WITNESS. That's the title I agreed on with Crooked Lane, who'll be publishing it next spring. I'm excited about this new mystery set in Alaska--and I'll be taking my very first pseudonym for it. 

And--not sure if I should say much about it yet, but I've been given an offer for a new book from another publisher, one I've been writing for.  Hopefully, more to come about that. 

I'm still obeying my dogs most of the time, but the older one, Mystie, is having to obey me even more than usual. She's on a medication for a recently discovered issue that she has to take on an empty stomach, and she can't eat for an hour after she takes it.  So as not to interrupt the dogs' usual schedule much, or ours, I've been waking at around 5 AM to give her a pill, then we can both go back to sleep. So far, I'm surviving it and she seems to be doing well, too. 

I also attended a Zoom meeting recently about search and rescue dogs. Wow, do I admire the people who do that.  Their lives seem taken up by their work--but the people I learned about are all volunteers! 

Will I write a book that includes SAR dogs and people some day? It's not in the works yet, but maybe...


Sally Morrison said...

I'm not familiar with SAR dogs. What does that mean? I admire your dedication at getting up at 5:00 AM. The term 'lucky dog' applies to your pooch. Hope the medicine works.

Sounds like your writing is going well. Hope it all transpires for you. I love reading and love hearing when an author has success.

Linda O. Johnston said...

SAR is Search And Rescue, and the person I heard speaking about them called them SAR dogs.

I just realized this morning that I may be getting into a habit. I've awakened at 4:50 AM for several days in a row. We should learn how well the meds are working in a week or so.

And I can't complain about how my writing is going! Thanks for your good wishes, Sally.

Betty Hechtman said...

Congrats on the two books. It's always hard giving pets meds, and i'm sure Mystie appreciates your care. The SAR dogs and people who work with them sound fascinating.

Fumo Sadiku said...
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