Friday, September 17, 2021

Just Like the Old Days

 I usually write my blog on Thursday, but I was otherwise occupied yesterday.  We went to Disneyland for the first time in a year and a half.  Before the pandemic shut it down and ended our annual l passes,, we went there probably a couple of times a month except during the summer when it was blacked out.

They changed the name of the annual passes to different kinds of keys and changed the rules.  Now you have to have a reservation so no more last minute trips.  Also no more plastic card to show when you go in.  It's all on your phone in their app.  No more tram from the parking lot.  It's supposedly because of Covid, but I wonder if they will ever come back.  Masks aren't required outside, but are inside.

I wondered how it would feel after not being there in such a long time.  I also wondered how I would hold up with all that walking after not doing it in such a long time.  The parking lot was the same, but there was a convoluted way we had to walk to get to security and the entrance to the walkway (which used to be where the trams went) that led to the entrance of the Disneyland and California Adventure.  But once got to the where the trams would have dropped us off everything began to look the same.

Once inside the parks, it didn't feel strange at all.  It also didn't feel like it had been so long since I'd been there.  If anything it felt reassuring and normal. The temperature was in the mid seventies and just comfortable  As for the walking-- my watch keeps track and I clocked in over 7 miles and actually even didn't mind the walk back to the parking lot.  It was a bummer that the very long, steep escalator to the level we were on wasn't working and I had to walk up the escalator stairs which are harder than regular stars. But though winded, I recovered fast.

We already have reservations for the next time in a week.  

I've noticed how good it feels to be doing more things that feel regular like being able to eat at IKEA and go inside Porto's bakery instead of having to order in advance and go through a bunch of maneuvers to pick it up in the parking lot.  The masks seem normal now and I always carry a package of the disposable ones in my purse.

And now it's back to finishing the copy edit of BUT KNOT FOR ME and writing the next Writer for Hire mystery.  

I had some exciting news from my publisher that Amazon is doing some special promoting of ONE FOR THE HOOKS. 


chkntza said...

It is nice to do "normal" things again, masks and all.

Linda D Osborn said...

I talked to my son in law {security at Disneyland}. He says there are two reasons for no more trams. During the long closed quarantine, rats got into the stored trams. It would cost over $100,000 each to repair them. He also said they can't hire mechanics to do the work, or drivers to operate them.
Many big companies, who pay fairly well, such as Disney, COSTCO, AAA, are having trouble finding people who want to work ! We seem to be an economy of soft bodies, spoiled by so many months of unemployment checks !

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds as if you're keeping busy in some enjoyable ways, Betty, in addition to your writing. Fun! Glad you're figuring it all out.

Betty Hechtman said...

Chkntza, by the now the masks have come to seem normal.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn,Yikes, rats in the trams! I guess I better get used to walking the tram route for a long time. I notice that everyone seems to be hiring. With the extra unemployment benefits ending, hopefully people will go back to work.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Johnston, It's good to get away from my computer for a while and see that the world is still turning.