Wednesday, June 29, 2022

And More Happening


            As seems to be the case these days, I’ve got a lot going on. 

            First thing, I want to let you know that a copy of my current mystery BEAR WITNESS—or Lark O. Jensen’s current mystery—is one of the prizes at Kings River Life Magazine, where there’s a giveaway of three mysteries reviewed there. To enter, just go to the Kings River Life Magazine website, click on the link on the first page labeled More Mysteries for Your Summer Reading, then on that page scroll down below the reviews to where it indicates how to enter the contest. And let me know if you win! 

            I did enjoy the Zoom chat on Animals in Books and the signing at Mystery Ink of BEAR WITNESS, my first Alaska Untamed Mystery, that I mentioned last week. Both were fun!

             I had another computer issue this week. The one I used most stopped recognizing my Word 365 subscription, and I was on a chat online for two hours with a couple of technicians trying to fix it. No luck then. But fortunately, my newer computer still recognized it so I was able to do some work there. And the next day, I had a reason to get on the older computer again—and it recognized the subscription! Maybe all that time somehow helped, although it didn’t seem to then.

             One good thing I learned while using the newer computer is that I could keep an eye on puppy Roxie when she was loose from the area that computer is located, and my Miss Chief—Mischief—is behaving a bit better so I can leave her loose for longer periods, even when I’m in the other more confined room on the computer, as long as I stop often and go check on her. Of course she keeps finding jigsaw puzzle pieces somewhere—I’ve no idea where, and I assume they’re from ages ago when my sons lived at home since they don’t look like any recognizable jigsaw puzzle pieces. Otherwise, I keep her crated while I’m writing, right behind me so we can keep each other company, but I know my energy puppy is happier on the loose, although my older dog Cari may not be as happy when Roxie wants to play with her, since she can be rough. But Cari plays back hard when she has to. 

            One good thing is that I’m nearing the completion of a very rough first draft of my second Alaska Untamed Mystery. Still a bunch of editing to do, but it’s progress.

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