Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Busy Week!


            Hey, it’s Wednesday now---062222! And the rest of my week is pretty busy, and not just with writing. 

            On Thursday morning at 10 AM L.A. time, I will be on a Zoom chat with other authors on a topic I’ll really enjoy: Why We Love Animals in Books. I’ll get to talk about the animals, mostly dogs, I have in my stories, who they are and why they’re there. Should be fun! 

            Also fun will be my first book signing in ages! Naomi Hirahara and I will be signing our cozy mysteries, including our latest, at Mystery Ink in Huntington Beach at 1 PM. Naomi has been writing books set in Hawaii, and my most recent mystery, BEAR WITNESS, is the first in my Alaska Untamed series under the pseudonym Lark O. Jensen—and I’ll bet you can guess where it is set. We will be doing a fun quiz about our respective locations and doing an appropriate giveaway, as well as signing books. Another event to look forward to! 

            Still busy working with our new puppy Roxie as well as her “big sister” Cari. Little by little, Roxie is learning to listen to us…maybe.




Anonymous said...

I just discovered you recently & with my Audible subscription have just soaked up and LOVED your needlework series!- My husband grew up in St Boni, MN and we live in Cokato (just miles west of Howard Lake...) Your stories have been so challenging and fun, because I know the geography so well!- you have been doing housework and gardening with me!🌞Thank You& have a great summer!☺️

Anonymous said...

I am Jennifer Made r from Cokato

Linda O. Johnston said...

Hi, Jennifer/Anonymous. I suspect your comments were for my co-blogger Betty Hechtman.

Betty Hechtman said...

Actually, I think Anonymous is referring to Monica Ferris's books. Linda, cool that you're doing a book signing!