Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I Zoom Too, But--

             I enjoyed Betty’s post last week about how important Zoom has become to us. I Zoom quite a bit too, but the desktop computer that I use has windows behind it, and depending on the time of day I might be visible only as a blur thanks to the glare. I’ve been working on ways to reduce the glare and am hopeful that it’ll work out one of these days. 

            Meanwhile, I’m glad about my upcoming live events that I’ve already mentioned: a lunch and book exchange hosted locally by my Mystery Writers of America chapter, and Bouchercon.

             I’m working now on what should be the penultimate draft of my second Alaska Untamed Mystery. I’ll let it sit for a while, then re-read it before submitting it. 

            And what’s next? My next Colton venture for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, this time a story that’s part of Colton NYC, yes, the next Colton series, for 2023, that takes place in—you guessed it! New York City. Mine will be the 11th story. 

            Of course my pups keep me busy in my spare time. Or maybe I have no spare time, thanks especially to little Roxie, who loves, loves, loves to play and lets me know by dropping toys beside me for me to throw.

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