Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Weird Week

             Some strange things happened this week unrelated to writing that nevertheless affected my writing time, or at least my concentration. 

            First, our microwave oven and refrigerator’s crushed ice maker died on the same day. I use them both a lot, and though I could live with just ice cubes if I had to, our pups eat a lot of crushed ice. 

            Fortunately, my handy husband jumped in on both issues. We soon had a new microwave in the spot where the old one had been but it was misrepresented, and we’d ordered it online. It’s easy to see the time, but the entire control panel is very dark and hard to see, even though it had been represented in the photo and description online as highly visible. Talking to representatives got us nowhere, but before sending it back my husband tried his hand at attaching a light, and that seems to be working. But before deciding to keep it, we found another one and will most likely replace the dark one with a different one.

             As far as the ice crusher, we’ve been crushing cubes by hand for the dogs and deciding whether it’s possible to replace the one in our current refrigerator or if we’ll have to buy another one. 

            Both of these have distracted me. Plus, I had an appointment with an eye doctor for a regular checkup, no issues involved, but my eyes remained dilated for the rest of the day and I wasn’t able to work on the computer—so no writing. 

            But nevertheless, I’ve been accomplishing some writing. I did start working again on my next Harlequin Romantic Suspense book for 2023, my book in the Coltons of NYC, as I’d indicated I intended to do. I want to speed  up the pace as soon as possible, though

            And of course I take time out to play with our puppy—and our older dog when she chooses to join us.


Betty Hechtman said...

We have ice problems, too. The ice maker screws up and the cubes get stuck together. I must have been English in a past life because I like my drinks at room temperature, but others around here are ice freaks so the situation is upsetting. No one here is handy enough to fix it, so it's basically chop up the block of fused cubes.

I also got my eyes checked. I don't even remember when I got my glasses, but over time I stopped using them for the computer and then discovered I could read better without them. Finally, they seemed to distort my distant viewing. I thought it was my eyes, well, it actually is. I don't need reading glasses anymore and the prescription had become too strong which was why things were distorted. Go figure.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I enjoy cold water, Betty, although I drink a lot of coffee and like it hot, of course.
And I wish I felt my glasses fixed my vision well, although I can see okay and I use gradients which generally help. I use a different set of glasses at the computer, though.