Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Yet Even Busier


Yes, I’ve been writing a lot here about how busy I’ve been with my writing. I’m still busy with my writing. But that’s not all. The writing organizations I belong to have been having a lot more meetings than they’ve had over the last few years. 

I attended a lunch meeting held by the local Mystery Writers of America chapter last weekend, and I’ll probably also go to their gumbo party this weekend, on Saturday.

 Then there’s the local Sisters in Crime chapter, which is holding a meeting on Sunday. I’ll most likely go there too, especially because the new meeting place is a lot closer to where I live than the former one was.

 And the Orange County Romance Writers are holding their birthday bash on the following weekend. Even though it’s a new organization, it’s a spin-off of the former Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America, so a lot of its celebrations might also stem from the former organization. 

In case you’re wondering, which you probably aren’t, I’m still writing—mostly working right now on my next year’s Colton book in the Coltons NYC series.

 And as I’ve mentioned before, this year’s Colton book will be out in a month. It’s in the Coltons of Colorado series, and it’s called SHIELDING COLTON’S WITNESS.

             Plus, I want to mention again that the first three of my Pet Rescue Mysteries have been republished as ebooks and audio books: BEAGLEMANIA, THE MORE THE TERRIER, AND HOUNDS ABOUND. The other two should be out there soon as well.   

            But as busy as I am, I’m always interested in hearing about other events that might make sense. Any ideas?

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