Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Keep On Writing

            I discovered this week that something I was working on required some major revision. I pondered it for a while, wondering how I could do it. Start over? Add in some significant changes? 

After stewing, I realized that I could do the latter. And so far it has taken me less time to make those changes than I first imagined.

 Editing and changing are just part of the process of writing, which I know well. And at the moment, I’m feeling much better about addressing them. 

In fact, a lot of what we do in our lives requires thinking, concentrating, figuring out the best way of handling stuff. I’m just glad that even things that really bother me at first aren’t necessarily as problematic as I first feared. 

Are you ever faced with those kinds of issues, then figure them out? 

It didn’t hurt that Roxie insists on curling on my lap sometimes as I work on those edits.


Patty said...

Good morning -- Brrrr, it's cold here in Phoenix -- only 36 degrees this morning. January is always the coldest month -- it should start warming soon. We always have 100+ temps to look forward to!!

Yes, I've had some major decisions to make, especially after my husband passed away. I lost my first husband after a wonderful 45 year marriage -- never thought I'd marry again but did after a few years. We had 16 1/2 years together before he died. We were living in a small Texas town that we loved but I had no close family there so had to make decisions about what to do. I actually made three moves from February to October the year he died -- the move to Phoenix to be near my son was definitely the best move. We have relatives who obsess over making any decision -- the funniest was them trying to wrap a sandwich to take home from a restaurant!! When I've made difficult decisions, I say "I know how to wrap a sandwich."

Got my informed mail delivery notice -- "Teacup Turbulence" will be arriving today -- yay!!

Enjoy your day -- my son and I are going to Black Angus Steakhouse for lunch. Been many, many years since I've been to a Black Angus -- it was always a special treat when we lived in Sacramento and the kids were little. We thought it was so elegant -- sort of dark with green curtains around the booths. I'm sure it's changed by now -- darn it!!

Sally Morrison said...

Yes. I've had some major things come up lately and I finally realized that sometimes I need to focus on gut instinct, get back into life, and then the answer appears. For me, it's almost like flipping a switch. However, when its dark sometimes it's hard to find that switch. Keeping busy and moving on seems to work for me.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you have had some major difficulties in your life, Patty, but that you have weathered them well. That's great! Enjoy Teacup Turbulence.

Anonymous said...

Then do keep busy and moving on, Sally. Glad to hear you found what works for you in difficult times.