Friday, March 24, 2023

The Winter That Won't End

It seems like the rain has finally stopped with this storm.  But so far the sky is still a leaden color and it's cold.  My little peach tree has already gotten its blossoms, lost them and gotten green leaves.  However the orange trees haven't blossomed yet.  I checked online and it seems they bloom in the spring, but exactly when varies from year to year depending on the local weather. Maybe all this bad weather has left the orange trees thinking it's still winter.

 Everything is so soggy that I haven't felt like going outside which means its a good time to be at the computer.  Since it's been awhile since I wrote the last Crochet Mystery, it's taken awhile to remember all the characters and figure what they've been up to.  It'll be the fifteenth book in the series and I have to bring readers up to speed on how the characters got in the predicament they're in.  I think the title will be Killer Hooks.

I can see that the sun came out.  It always amazes me how that brightness instantly lifts my mood.  There's hope that chairs outside will dry and I will be able to take my coffee out in the yard and bask in the light and warmth.  

Last night we went to IKEA, to get a few things and to eat.  The food is good and inexpensive and the eating area has huge windows with a view of the mountains, the 5 freeway and even the Metrolink trains as they head into the San Fernando Valley.    The sky was very dynamic with bunched up dark clouds and lighter spots as though the bad weather was trying to make its last stand.    It was nice to sit there and look out.

On the ride there we were treated to a very vivid rainbow.  It was so bright, it looked as if someone had taken markers and drawn the colors in the sky. 

 But now it's time to get back to Molly.  I left her in mid conversation with her best friend Dinah as they discuss the predicament Molly has found herself.  Little do they know that murder in waiting in the wings.


Patty said...

Good morning -- Yay, glad to hear Molly is getting involved in more murderous events!! She does lead an interesting life.

Was that tornado a few days ago anywhere near you? Crazy weather. It's rained here three days in a row -- just lightly -- today is forecast to be sunny and warm.

I enjoy going to IKEA -- their food is delicious -- love the Swedish meatballs. Going with my husband was a real challenge -- he tended to roam around and losing someone in the huge store is a nightmare. I usually spent more time looking for him than shopping -- thank goodness for our cell phones -- I'd ask what department he was in and tell him stay, don't move!!

Last week there was discussion about how smart phones track your every move. A couple days ago, I texted my son, from my little flip phone, asking if he would be able to take me to the Project Linus drop-off site this Saturday. He texted back "Yup." He said that he'd no more than sent that message than his smart phone popped up with driving directions to that location. That's spooky.

I've been wanting a small bag to carry a crochet project with me - found the cutest little canvas bag. It's printed with the saying "No Skein, No Gain." It shows a ball of yarn with knitting needles stuck in it -- there was a crochet version but the saying on it was "Crochet Fast, Die Warm." That didn't appeal to me. There is also a bag that shows "Kill Them With Craftiness."

Just checked my informed delivery from the post office -- three books arriving today -- two of your yarn retreat series, one of Linda's older ones. My daughter sent me a couple books about Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires who have "come out of their coffins" and live among the general population. I read them but didn't particularly enjoy -- a bit weird for my taste. I also have a yarn delivery due today -- a plethora of riches!!

Enjoy your day -- hope the good weather continues.

Linda D Osborn said...

Go Molly !! As you said, you need to catch readers up on the last book. Well, I will remind you that Molly and Barry had their romantic reunion at the very end, and no one had broken the news to Mason. I think that could be very interesting !! I would hope they actually plan a wedding--no more power struggles and breaking up !! Who knows, they are both stubborn !! It is interesting to see where the characters go, seemingly on their own volition.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, the tornado wasn't near me. We actually got less of a storm than predicted, but I am oh so glad to see the sun today. Just had my breakfast outside. I love IKEA's plant based meatballs. I have been a vegetarian for almost forty years and it's nice to have so many choices now.

I can understand losing someone in IKEA. It's the same when we go to Costco. It's a disaster if anyone forgets their phone.

Your project bag sounds cute. That is absolutely creepy about the directions showing up on your son's phone, particularly since he didn't request them.

I hope you enjoy the books and your yarn. We are supposed to get sun until Tuesday and then rain, again.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, I couldn't bear to imagine the conversation Molly had with Mason. The whole idea of someone's happiness causing someone else's pain intrigues me. I don't want to give anything away, but I'll just say that nothing in Molly's life goes smoothly.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Oh, yes, they're predicting more rain for the upcoming week. We'll see. It's fun to see that the LA River actually has water in it now. And it's fun to find products that fit with our writing and the things we enjoy. I've been buying a lot of stuff with pawprints on them.
Have fun with Molly!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, we went to Griffith Park yesterday. Los of water in the L.A. river and everything was so green. It was nice to see it all with sun and a blue sky.